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We are very excited to feature WERONIKA BALEWSKI & EMMA SHUBIN (USA/Luxembourg)for the Spring 2024 VDM Short Course, and ARTHUR SIMÕES (Brazil/Switzerland), SYLVIE MORGENEGG (Switzerland), FUMIKO HONDA BAUER (Japan/USA), and TAMAÉ GENNAI DEVEAUD (Switzerland) in VDM Masterclass Series 11!

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SPRING 2024 VDM Short Course

Dalcroze Entrepreneurship: Building a Community Program
Six 80-minute classes with Emma Shubin (Luxembourg/USA) & Weronika Balewski (USA)
Online live course.  Asynchronous recordings also available

Class Description:
Embark on a transformative 6-week journey to become a Dalcroze Entrepreneur and pave the way to establish your own vibrant community music program. This comprehensive course will empower you to build, create, and sustain engaging Dalcroze-based programs for children and the communities that surround them.

Weronika Balewski and Emma Shubin, with a combined 20 years of experience in the Dalcroze community, are passionate about creating opportunities for teachers and increasing accessibility to this approach across diverse communities. Through their work at Integral Steps in Colorado and Massachusetts, they have successfully implemented various approaches to partnerships, registration, scheduling, and funding, serving thousands of students and families over the past 12 years. Integral Steps currently offers year-round programming for ages 0-18 with over 25 weekly classes and 3-6 weeks of summer camps; community events and partnerships with local schools and organizations; as well as educational opportunities for teachers.

During Sessions 1-4, participants will dig into the nuts and bolts of creating a vibrant and sustainable program and will engage in reflection and brainstorming assignments. In Sessions 5 and 6, they will present their ideas, receiving valuable feedback from both the group and instructors. This personalized approach ensures that each participant's unique questions are addressed in greater detail.

Session 1: Breaking into New Communities
Uncover the secrets of community outreach. Define your audience, location, and course duration. Design your dream program, explore enrollment strategies, and decide whether to establish your own school or collaborate with existing institutions.

Session 2: Curriculum & Development
Master the art of curriculum planning, including short and long-term strategies. Explore the Integral Steps model for creating dynamic learning experiences, incorporating activity sheets, certificates, and tools that emphasize both product and process. Learn about advocacy and sustainability for long-term student engagement.

Session 3: Preparing to Launch and Ongoing Marketing (W only)
Discover effective strategies for community events, library meet-and-greets, and demo classes. Gain insights into successful program launches and sustained marketing efforts, balancing educational content and community engagement.

Session 4: Retention, Mental Health, & Budget (E only)
Explore techniques for student and teacher retention, addressing mental health considerations of both students and teachers. Discuss boundaries and explore sustainable practices for yourself and future teachers. Delve into the financial aspects of entrepreneurship, covering teacher compensation models, budgeting, and the psychology of money and pricing.

Sessions 5 & 6: Project Pitch and Wrap-Up
Pitch your project and receive personalized support and feedback from Weronika, Emma, and other participants. Further explore previous topics based on participant needs and requests.

Join "Dalcroze Entrepreneurship" to transform your passion for Dalcroze education into a thriving community program! We are so excited to share with you what we have learned and empower you to succeed. 🎶✨

Masterclass #33


"Exploring Brazilian Rhythms"

This class will introduce you to some of the rich rhythmic language of Brazilian music. Through active listening, physical movement and kinesthetic awareness, you will embody some of the core elements of Samba, Bossa Nova, and Baião. At the same time, you will discover and experience some of the core principles and techniques of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and see in practice how they can be applied.


We were captivated by the elegance of Arthur Simoes' touch, as he performed pieces from
Ginastera with dazzling virtuosity and an ineffable sense of sorrow.” – Arcinfo

Brazilian pianist Arthur Simoes enjoys a diverse career as a pianist, composer, and educator. He has performed extensively in Europe, the United States, and Latin America, where he has presented lectures, workshops, and masterclasses. Passionate about education, Arthur has taught at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze as well as the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva, Switzerland. In parallel, he has run a successful private studio for the last 10 years. Arthur is a first prize winner of the 29th European Music Competition “Città di Moncalieri”, in Italy, as well as other piano competitions. His performance credits include the Victoria Hall (Geneva) as well as the Schubertiade sur la Colline (Neuchâtel). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano and a Master’s degree in Music Pedagogy – Dalcroze Eurhythmics from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, as well as the Diplôme Supérieur of the Dalcroze method. During his Dalcroze studies, Arthur was awarded the Institut-Jaques Dalcroze Award “for his qualities as eurhythmician”, the Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Foundation Award “for the excellence of his improvisation exam” and the Aletheia Foundation Award “for the excellence of his Diplôme Supérieur choreography”. His passion for improvisation as well as the desire to broaden his horizons have brought Arthur to Berklee College of Music, where he is currently pursuing a Diploma with concentrations in Jazz Composition and Performance.

Masterclass #34


"A Masterclass with SYLVIE MORGENEGG!"

Sylvie Morgenegg has practiced the Jaques-Dalcroze method since she was a child in Geneva.  She holds the superior diploma from the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute in Geneva.  She has taught children and teenagers for 25 years. In 1994 she began teaching rhythmics, solfège and improvisation to the professional students at the institute.  In addition to teaching to Bachelor's, Master's and Certificate students, she was head of the music and movement department from 2001 to 2022.  She regularly participates in congresses and courses in different parts of the world.


Masterclass #35


"Dalcroze parent-child classes for children ages 1 to 4 years old"

Teaching Dalcroze parent-child classes for over thirty years has strengthened my belief that, during early childhood, Dalcroze training is essential for human development. Certainly mixed-age Dalcroze classes offer many benefits for children, but parents benefit as well. By playing, moving, and singing in my class, parents learn new ways to interact with their children. In our Zoom session, we will watch video segments from my classes, and I will share my teaching plans and observations about my students. Come and find out how I use the Dalcroze approach in this context, and you'll see why I love to teach parent child classes.


Fumiko Honda Bauer has been playing piano ever since she was three and a half years old. She earned her Dalcroze License in 2001 and Certificate in 1999, in studies with Marta Sanchez and Annabelle Joseph at Carnegie Mellon’s summer Dalcroze Institute. She also teaches Dalcroze classes for children in Japanese and piano lessons at her home studio in Princeton, NJ with both English and Japanese. In 2010 she joined the staff of the Waldorf School of Princeton, and she had served as the piano accompanist, playing for choral rehearsals, student and faculty theater productions, and school assemblies, recorder ensemble as well as for eurythmy classes by March, 2020 (Rudolf Steiner’s movement practice, not to be confused with Jaques-Dalcroze’s eurhythmics). 

In 2022, she started teaching general music classes for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade using Dalcroze methods at the WSP. Ms. Bauer holds a Master of Music in Composition from Western Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Kunitachi College of Music, where she also focused on Dalcroze. Dalcroze Diplomate Toru Sakai was an important mentor after she graduated from college. Her composition Journey for horn and piano was selected by the College Music Society to be premiered at its international conference in Quebec, Canada, in November 2005, with WMU's horn professor, Lin Foulk, performing.

Masterclass #36


"Let's try reggae!"

Everyone knows the reggae classics, Bob Marley in particular.
But have you ever experienced this music in depth? Is it as simple as some people say? Do you know why it grooves so much and appeals to so many different people? Aren't all good reggae musicians unknowingly eurhythmicians?

We'll explore what makes up this music through the body and the voice, with a variety of eurhythmics exercises based on our body sensation, our relationship to the ground and to space. Do you like polyrhythms? Do you like to sing? Are you curious? Then this class is for you! And for even more fun, if you have the chance, don't hesitate to share this moment with one or more friends.

Tamaé Gennai Deveaud teaches music and movement to a wide variety of audiences (parents-children, teenagers, senior citizens, HUG psychiatric ward, etc.).  With a Diplôme Supérieur in the Jaques-Dalcroze’s method, she has also been awarded the Aletheia Foundation prize for group choreography. She has instructed in rhythmics, solfeggio, pedagogy, improvisation and performance coaching at the High school of Arts in Berne (HKB) and at the High school of music in Geneva (HEM). Since 2021, she has been teaching regularly in Bucharest as well as at the Jaques Dalcroze’s Institute.

Alongside her teaching career, Tamaé co-writes and directs a number of multidisciplinary shows (music, dance, theater) with Compagnie TaMiErO. In 2019, she won the Swiss Authors Society (SSA) writing grant for her young audience show L'enfant do. Committed to combining her scenic and pedagogical skills to serve audiences with no easy access to the arts, she has created several performance projects in India, in the slums of Calcutta and Bombay, in Geneva's Villas Yoyo, and as part of the Jaques-Dalcroze’s creativity workshops.



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