Carnegie Mellon University

Integral Steps, the nonprofit organization collaborating with the VDM, specializes in integrative education programming to support the balanced development of children, families, adult professionals, and communities. We create multimodal interdisciplinary learning experiences in the Front Range of Colorado and with partner organizations nationally throughout the United States and internationally throughout the world. Alongside our programming for children and families, we support professional development projects and events which help adults grow on multiple levels by offering infrastructure support and consultation.

Dalcroze education is a key component of Integral Steps’ integrative curricula and two Integral Steps instructors are certified/licensed Dalcroze teachers and members of the international Dalcroze community. Integral Steps is thrilled to support the Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up in the effort to:

  • connect an international community of Dalcroze educators and practitioners, 
  • foster exchanges about best practices in Dalcroze education for a variety of needs, and
  • provide opportunities for Dalcroze community members to identify and grow new roles and skill sets.

Learn more about Integral Steps at their website.