Spring 2014 Cycle-Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund - Carnegie Mellon University

Meet Our Current Recipients - Spring 2014 Cycle

Download the Spring 2014 OFEF Company Highlights (pdf).

BandPassBandPass, music-tech startup founded in 2014, simplifies live music by providing bands with direct access to the shows that they want to play and giving venues all the information they need to book shows in one place. By additionally providing suggestions for a cohesive and well-attended show, BandPass gives venues unprecedented amounts of information that they can use to make critical business decisions. (Noah Tovares, 2013, Engineering)

CollectedCollected helps you uncover, reuse and get inspiration from all your existing work by delivering related content from your cloud accounts as you type. Just sign up, link your cloud accounts and get the add-ins for popular applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs. Then, as you work, Collected suggests contextually relevant snippets of text and slides from the documents and presentations in your cloud accounts. You can easily insert a suggestion into your current work or view the original source. Collected delivers the content you need, when and where you need it. (Steve Cotter, 2009, Heinz)


GreenovationGreennovation is a designer, builder and developer of affordable and sustainable housing. The company seeks to develop an economic development and job creation model for urban areas by locating manufacturing facilities within urban areas. Affordability will be achieved through construction cost reduction strategies that include advanced modular manufacturing methods, assembly line efficiency and integration of green features during the manufacturing process. (S.T., 2013, Engineering)

ImpaqdIMPAQD is a real-time, location-based system that gives shippers and truckers the power of direct communication — without a broker. (Jason Cahill, 2014, Business)

Innovesca Innovesca is a food innovation company that develops optimal processing technologies to naturally unlock a food’s nutritional benefits.  Founded with a dedication to impacting global nutrition, Innovsca’s ingredients are based on the simple idea that “every bite counts”.  Through their natural processing technology, Innovesca takes underutilized superfoods that already exist in developing regions but go to waste and transform them into value-added ingredients with optimized nutrition.  By implementing this technology in a developing region, Innovesca improves nutrition, not only through our ingredients, but also by creating jobs and reducing poverty. (Mary Beth Wilson, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)

LifeShelLifeShel smartphone cases and applications crowd-source community safety, through prevention hardware and a user-based responder network. As a company that bridges hardware and software, LifeShel’s challenge is seamless integration of the physical world, where they bring safety and peace of mind to their users, and the digital world, where they manage their data. LifeShel’s goal is to complete the loop where the data can feedback into a user's pocket to make the physical world around them safer. (Jayon Wang, 2013, Engineering; Alan Fu, 2013, Engineering; Siri Amrit Ramos, 2013, Engineering)

NaturiNaturi is a collection of passionate food enthusiasts who scour the globe for artisanal and organic ingredients, create and share amazing recipes and believe that the words delicious and healthy should be used in the same sentence. At Naturi, they believe that every meal is an adventure, which trust is our primary ingredient and our actions define us. Naturi’s first product is an artisanal, organic, Greek yogurt that is both healthy and delicious! View their recent Kickstarter. (Aditya Dhere, 2014, Tepper)

PieceMaker TechnologiesPieceMaker Technologies provides retail stores the means to create customized inventory, on-demand. Consumers personalize their own products digitally using a fun, simple touchscreen kiosk, and then PieceMaker’s system automatically manufactures their final goods right in-store as they shop. (Arden Rosenblatt, 2013, Engineering; Alejandro Sklar, 2014, Engineering; Herbert Gilliland, 2005, Fine Arts; Zheng Yang, 2013, Computer Science)

popADpopAD is a user-generated advertising platform that empowers users to create quality ad content. popAD is creating authentic, data-driven ad products with unparalleled relevancy by rebuilding it around the user. Their first product is a consumer-facing app that incentivizes users to participate in local photo scavenger hunts - driving real traffic, engagement and significant ROI to advertisers, while simultaneously producing quality ad-content at-scale. (Skylar Roebuck, 2011, Engineering)

Solvvy, Inc.Solvvy is an intelligent problem-solving assistant that gives you the best solution from the Web when you simply describe your problem, no matter how complex. (Mehdi Samadi, 2014, Computer Science; Justin Betteridge, 2006, Computer Science)