Spring 2013 Cycle-Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund - Carnegie Mellon University

Meet Our Current Recipients - Spring 2013 Cycle

Download the Spring 2013 OFEF Company Highlights (pdf, 107KB).

LumatorLumator provides intelligent automated services that help residential electricity consumers save money, save time and save the planet, by optimizing how they buy and use electricity. Deregulation and increasing availability of renewable energy are creating opportunities that most consumers are unable to exploit because they lack the required expertise and tools. By ignoring these opportunities, consumers are leaving hundreds of dollars on the table every year. Lumator uses machine-learning technology to offer personalized cloud services that solve this consumer problem.  (Prashant Reddy, Ph.D., 2013, Computer Science)

NetBeezNetBeez is the first of its kind network-monitoring tool that tests and validates enterprise networks from an end-user perspective. NetBeez’s unique approach utilizes distributed monitoring agents to simulate user interaction with the network and its applications, and provides real-time outage detection before users are impacted. This proactive approach enables network engineers to immediately verify the impact of configuration changes on user connectivity and monitor the network performance. NetBeez helps enterprises minimize network downtime while improving the efficiency of its IT staff.  (Stefano Gridelli, MBA, 2012, Business)

QuantMD, LLC QuantMD, LLC has a global outreach servicing subscription based enhanced diagnostic value in the cardiovascular healthcare delivery space, through robust algorithmic analysis of medical image data. QuantMD, LLC service physicians and surgeons by disambiguating patient management through physics-based quantitative metrics offered interactively via a cloud platform. Their custom and proprietary medical image analytics solutions have had application to heart disease diagnostics, pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgical planning as well as real-time non-fluoroscopic intra-operative guidance for pacemaker lead implantation, amongst other targeted therapies.  (Prahlad G. Menon, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)

ToolsCloudToolsCloud eliminates one of the biggest pains for growing software development teams-configuring, integrating and maintaining their software development tools.  They allow organizations to focus on what matters, building their product, rather than wasting precious time & resources worrying about tool installs, configuration & integration woes, server downtime, internet connection problems, backup issues, and security flaws in their development infrastructure. ToolsCloud leverage the best tools from the open-source world, and provide development teams with an environment that supports current best practices in software development such as continuous integration & deployment, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee.  (Chris Rigatti, MBA, 2010, Business)

VibradoVibrado's wearable sensor platform maximizes the benefits of athletic training. Vibrado help you learn and perfect sports-specific skills, while also reducing injury risk by reinforcing safe patterns of movement. Vibrado's technology improves how you move by analyzing your biomechanical form and providing instant, actionable feedback. The company's first product is a sleeve that helps basketball players refine their free throws, jump shots, and three-pointers.  (Cynthia Kuo, Ph.D., 2008, Engineering and Frank Mokaya, Ph.D., 2013, Engineering)