Spring 2012 Cycle-Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund - Carnegie Mellon University

Meet Our Spring 2012 Cycle

Download the Spring 2012 OFEF company highlights (pdf, 113KB).

Accel DiagnosticsAccel Diagnostics (formerly Tropical Health Systems) is a medical technology company developing "pScreen," a disposable medical device for the detection of specific proteins in body fluids. The device eliminates the need for supporting lab equipment, allowing for timely and accurate medical diagnosis at the point of care: doctor's office, urgent care centers and patient's bedside. (Alberto Gandini, 2009, Business)

AcrintaEmployee wellness will grow with health reform. Acrinta makes sure the employees who need help the most stay engaged. Acrinta lets employees choose the activities they enjoy while promoting gradual improvements and preserving privacy. Each day, individuals have an opportunity to achieve their own personal target which changes with them. Achieve daily small wins doing more of you. (Ashton Thomas, 2011, Information Systems)

Beyond Lucid TechnologiesBeyond Lucid Technologies (BLT) is a healthcare IT startup company that offers paramedics and other first responders with situational awareness, logistical decision support and real-time information for emergency incident management. BLT's MediViewTM software platform offers innovative features designed to make First Response safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. No hospital integration engineering is required for MediViewTM to begin delivering value--starting with an elimination of using paper to document the patient's condition in an emergency. (Jonathan Feit, 2010, Business)

CommunityVibe Inc. provides web and mobile solutions for property managers to streamline maintenance and communication processes with their residents. The company's proprietary solution, ComVibe, addresses the leading cause of avoidable resident turnover by tackling the challenges associated with maintenance oversight. (Kariithi Kilemi, 2011, Business)

Geneva MarsGenevaMars creates fun, story-based educational games to teach science, technology and math subjects to children in grades K-5. Working closely with partners such as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and WQED, GenevaMars brings its content to audiences on a wide variety of platforms including mobile, web, in-museum kiosks, print and television. (Charles Kim, 2011, Business)

NoWaitNoWait is a cloud-based seating management system for the no reservation restaurant. NoWait helps eliminate customer frustration by innovating the waiting process with an iPad app wait list that notifies guests by text message when tables are ready. The product creates a new channel to engage customers while they wait and builds loyalty and repeat business for the restaurant. (Robb Myer, 2007, Business)

PHRQLPHRQL (pronounced Freckle) empowers people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to gain control of their health, resulting in improved quality of life and lower health care costs.  Users of the system manage their health data and stay connected to their support network through their smart phone, while their health care provider (Dietitian, Educator, Pharmacist, Doctor) connects to them and offers timely health counseling through our secure web portal. (Paul Sandberg, 2011, Business)

QualarisQualaris is attacking a $45 billion problem: hospital acquired infections. The company is developing an information technology platform to revolutionize safe healthcare practices by targeting hand hygiene compliance, the proven cornerstone of infection control. Its Clinical Practice Support System will monitor and improve best practices in hand hygiene to reduce infections and deliver millions of dollars of savings to hospitals annually. (Scott Fisk, 2011, Engineering)


REBIScan, Inc. is developing a pediatric medical device to detect and diagnose the leading causes of preventable vision loss in children. The company is poised to change the way children's vision is tested by providing technology that is easy to operate, cost-effective, highly accurate and can be deployed by pediatric practitioners. (Justin Shaka, 2011, Business)

ZypshopZypshop is a mobile self-checkout application that allows customers to scan items in-store, and checkout without waiting in line - the next phase of merging mobile apps with brick and mortar shopping. (Maximilian Lerner, 2007, Business)