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In the last 15 years alone, CMU's faculty and students have helped create more that 300 companies and 9,000 jobs. Alumni have created many more. Groundbreaking companies, such as Lycos, Akamai, Pure Digital, Datek Online, FORE Systems, Spinnaker Networks, Carnegie Learning, Aspect Development, ModCloth and Dynamics have changed our lives. OFEF aims to help seed the next generation of innovative companies. By investing in our recent graduates, we create a virtuous cycle that connects resources at CMU, our alumni and experienced entrepreneurs to further enhance the value of the CMU alumni network.

Alumni are already pledging their support to this pioneering initiative. Jonathan Kaplan and Peter Stern have committed their time and resources to making OFEF a success. You can join them.

Direct your CMU contribution to the OFEF.

Contact Dave Mawhinney, managing director of the OFEF, with any questions.