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Jeremy J. Michalek

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy

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Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-3765
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Jeremy J. Michalek is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the founding director of the Design Decisions Laboratory, founding co-director of the Vehicle Electrification Group and an active member of the Green Design Institute and the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making. His research focuses on vehicle electrification, energy and environmental policy, green design, systems optimization, and design for market systems.

Jeremy teaches courses in design, product development, techno-economic analysis, and optimization. His research has appeared in the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, CNN Money, U.S. News and World Report, Issues in Science and Technology, and MIT Technology Review, and he has coauthored and presented policy briefs on Capitol Hill. He has earned awards including the ASME Design Automation Committee's Best Paper Award, the International Journal on Research in Marketing's Best Article Award, the George Tallman Ladd Research Award for outstanding research and professional accomplishments, the ASME Design Automation Outstanding Young Investigator Award, and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. Jeremy is involved in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), and the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

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B.S. 1999, Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. 2001, Ph.D. 2005, University of Michigan

Selected Publications

•    Michalek, J.J., M. Chester, P. Jaramillo, C. Samaras, C.S. Shiau, and L. Lave (2011) “Valuation of plug-in vehicle life cycle air emissions and oil displacement benefits”Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, v108 n40 p16554-16558.
•    Michalek, J.J., F.M. Feinberg, P. Ebbes, F. Adigüzel and P.Y. Papalambros (2011) "Enhancing marketing with engineering: optimal product line design for heterogeneous markets," International Journal of Research in Marketing, v28 p1-12.
•    Shiau, C-S, N. Kaushal, C.T. Hendrickson, S. Peterson, J. Whitacre and J.J. Michalek (2010) “Optimal plug-in hybrid electric vehicle design and allocation for minimum life cycle cost, petroleum consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions,” ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Special Issue on Sustainability, v132 n9 p091013 1-11.
•    Khajavirad, A., J.J. Michalek (2009) “A determinstic Lagrangian-based global optimization approach for decomposable nonconvex mixed-integer problems,” ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, v131 051009 p1-8.
•    Shiau, C.-S. and J.J. Michalek (2009) "Should designers worry about market systems?" ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, v131 011011 p1-9.
•    Shiau, C.-S., C. Samaras, R. Hauffe and J.J. Michalek (2009) “Impact of battery weight and charging patterns on the economic and environmental benefits of plug-in hybrid vehicles,” Energy Policy, v37 p2653-2663.
•    Shiau, C.-S., J.J. Michalek, and C.T. Hendrickson (2009) “A structural analysis of vehicle design responses to corporate average fuel economy policy,” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, v43 p814-828.