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Mark Bedillion
Mark Bedillion
Associate Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering 
Mechatronics and control systems courses; distributed manipulation, control applications in data storage, control applications in manufacturing.

Jack L. Beuth, Jr.
Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Materials Science & Engineering
Solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, advanced manufacturing, thin films and coatings, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

Jonathan Cagan
George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Associate Dean for Graduate and Faculty Affairs, College of Engineering; Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute; Faculty Co-Director, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship; Courtesy Appointment, School of Design
Design, optimization, cognition, and artificial intelligence.

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De Boer
Maarten P. de Boer
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Thin films, fracture mechanics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and tribology.

Diana Haidar
Diana R. Haidar
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Makerspaces, engineering education, machine design, solid mechanics, nanocomposites.

photo of K. Jimmy Hsia
Vice Provost for International Programs and Strategy; Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
Cell mechanics and bionanotechnology, electro-mechanical coupling of carbon nanotubes and nanotube composites, and surface morphology evolution of thin film structures at high temperatures.

photo Reeja Jayan
B. Reeja Jayan
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy appointment, Materials Science & Engineering
Molecular scale design and synthesis of organic (polymers), inorganic (ceramics), and organic-inorganic hybrid thin film materials for applications in energy generation, energy storage, and biosensing.

Aaron M. Johnson
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy appointment, Robotics Institute
Novel robot design (behavior design, controller design, and platform design) and dynamic transitions, contact, physics-based planning, bio-inspired robotics, actuator modeling, and robot ethics.

Levent Burak Kara
Levent Burak Kara
Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Robotics Institute
Design, computational engineering, artificial intelligence, and sketch-based user interfaces.

Philip R. LeDuc
William J. Brown Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Professor, Biomedical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments: Biological Sciences, Computational Biology
Molecular and cellular biomechanics, biological/medical micro- and nano-technology, and computational biology.

Shawn Litster photo
Shawn Litster
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, electrochemistry, electrokinetics, experimental methods, computational fluid dynamics, fuel cells, batteries, microfluidics, and membrane separation.

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Carmel Majidi
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments: Civil & Environmental Engineering, Robotics Institute, Biomedical Engineering
Solid Mechanics, Microfabrication, Multifunctional Materials, Biological Inspiration.

Jonathan A. Malen
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale energy transport and conversion, heat transfer, thermodynamics.

Alan J. H. McGaughey
Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Materials Science & Engineering
Nanoscale heat transfer, thermodynamics, transport, and reaction.

Jeremy J. Michalek
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy
Design, optimization, product development, marketing, and public policy.

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Burak Ozdoganlar Ver Planck Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Director of the Engineering Research Accelerator; Courtesy Appointments: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Advanced manufacturing; micro/meso-scale manufacturing; additive manufacturing; vibrations modeling and experimentation; precision engineering.

Rahul Panat
Rahul Panat 
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing, microelectronics/flexible electronics, Li-ion batteries, thermal barrier coatings, thermodynamics.

Albert Presto
Associate Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Atmospheric chemistry, organic aerosol, air pollution from combustion systems, air pollution and human health, atmospheric aerosol thermodynamics, global climate change.

David Quinn
David Quinn 
Special Faculty, Mechanical Engineering; Director, Research Initiatives and Special Projects, Carnegie Mellon University 
Cell mechanics, constitutive modeling of soft materials, microfluidics.

Yoed Rabin
Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Biomedical Engineering
Biothermal technology, energy modalities in medicine, heat and mass transfer in biological systems, thermal stress, sensors and instrumentation.

Allen L. Robinson
Department Head and Raymond J. Lane Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering; 
Professor, Engineering & Public Policy
Combustion-generated air pollution, organic aerosols, atmospheric chemistry, energy systems, global climate change and environmental education.

Edward S. Rubin
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy; Alumni Professor of Environmental
Engineering and Science
Engineering-economic modeling and analysis of electric power systems; carbon capture and sequestration technologies; climate change mitigation strategies; energy and environmental technology innovation and the role of government policies; integrated assessments.

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Sheng Shen
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale thermal transport and energy conversion, nanophotonics, micro/nanoscale heat transfer, radiation and electromagnetic metamaterials, renewable energy systems.

Kenji Shimada
Theodore Ahrens Professor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments: Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Design, geometric modeling and simulation, computer graphics, and CAD/CAM/CAE.

Satbir Singh
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), large-eddy simulations, air pollution, alternative fuels, low-temperature combustion.

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Paul S. Steif
Associate Department Head & Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Engineering education and applied mechanics.

Ryan Sullivan
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry; Courtesy Appointment, Civil & Environmental
Atmospheric chemistry, aerosol instrumentation, single-particle analysis, cloud nucleation, heterogeneous kinetics, mass spectrometry, laser spectroscopy, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions.

Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
DNA origami (bottom up manufacturing) to enable nanomanufacturing and nanomechanics of multiprotein systems, microstructures for biomimetic sensors and actuators (top down manufacturing).  

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Venkat Viswanathan
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy appointments, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering
Computational material design, electrochemical devices—next generation batteries and fuel cells, electrocatalysis, data-driven materials discovery, controls for energy systems, bio-inspired and bio-mimetic materials, GPU accelerated computing.

K. Whitefoot
Kate S. Whitefoot
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy
Design, sustainable transportation and manufacturing systems, innovation and technology policies and engineering, optimization.

Shi-Chune Yao
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Thermal modeling of energy systems, micro-scale thermal fluid devices, dynamics and heat transfer of droplet and spray.

Yongjie Jessica Zhang
Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Biomedical Engineering
Computational geometry, computer graphics, visualization, finite element method, computational biology and engineering.

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Courtesy Faculty

Shelley L. Anna
Professor, Chemical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments, Mechanical Engineering and Physics
Microfluidics, interfacial fluid mechanics, and surfactant transport.

James Antaki
Professor, Biomedical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Experimental and computational cardiac fluid dynamics, rheology of blood and mechanics of the heart muscle, computational medical device design and optimization, pediatric and adolescent artificial hearts; cardiac surgical planning.

photo of Peter Boatwright
Peter Boatwright

Co-Founder & Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute and Alan D. Shocker Professor of Marketing and New Product Development, Tepper School of Business; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Product development processes and marketing of new products, consumer response models, analysis of promotional activities, Bayesian econometrics, and consumer response to assortment.

Howie Choset
Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Mechanism design, path planning, motion planning, and estimation.

Kaushik Dayal
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Multiscale techniques to bridge time- and length-scales and their application to materials engineering.

Gary Fedder
Vice Provost for Research, Howard M. Wilkoff Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Professor of the Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Design and modeling of microsensor and microactuator systems, integration of MEMS with electronic circuits, and implantable microsystems.

Adam Feinberg
Adam Feinberg
Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
3D nano/micro structured tissue engineering scaffolds, engineered skeletal muscle, soft robotic devices, and bioprosthetics, stem cell differentiation and engineered morphogenesis of cardiovascular tissues. 

Hartmut Geyer
Associate Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering

photo Yoosuf Picard
Yoosuf Picard
Associate Research Professor, Materials Science and Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Developing and applying methods for using energetic beams (electron, ion and photon beams) in order to process and characterize materials at small length scales. 

Takeo Kanade
Director of the Robotics Institute and U.A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor, Robotics Institute and Computer Science; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Stereo vision, quality-of-life technology, mobile robots, medical applications, human-computer interaction, computer vision, computational sensors.

Yong-Lae Park
Assistant Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Design, manufacturing, robotics, mechatronics, haptics, sensors, actuators, and bio-inspiration.

Gianluca Piazza
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Invention, design, fabrication and testing of piezoelectric micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (M/NEMS) for radio frequency communication, chemical/biological sensing and mechanical computing.

Cameron Riviere
Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointments, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Medical robotics, medical applications, mechatronics, machine learning and control.

Sebastian Scherer
Systems Scientist, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Enabling unmanned rotorcraft to operate at low altitude in cluttered environments.

Yaser Sheikh
Assistant Research Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Computer vision, human motion simulation, machine learning, visual tracking.

Sanjiv Singh
Research Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Perception, multi-robot coordination, air vehicles, automated agriculture.

Bruno Sinopoli
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Networked embedded control systems, sensors/actuators networks, control theory.

Koushil Sreenath
Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Nonlinear Control, Highly Dynamic Robotics, Legged Locomotion, Aerial Manipulation.

David Wettergreen
Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute; Courtesy Appointment, Mechanical Engineering
Architectures, artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, computer vision, field robotics, human-robot interaction, legged locomotion, machine learning, mobile robots, planning, space robotics, systems engineering, visual tracking.

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Adjunct Faculty

Cristina H. Amon
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, CFD, multidisciplinary design and education, thermal engineering of microelectronics, hemodynamics and mass transport in biological systems.

Nadine Aubry
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid dynamics, microfluidics, chaotic mixing, electrohydrodynamics, particle manipulation and self-assembly.

Image of Steven Collins
Steven H. Collins
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Biomechanics, rigid body dynamics, machine design, controls, biorobotics, energetics and stability of human locomotion.

Luca Deseri
Luca Deseri
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering

C. Fred Higgs, III
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Computational multiphase modeling, solids/particle tribology, computational thermal fluids, granular flows, green tribology, and nanomanufacturing.

Mehrdad Massoudi
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics, mechanics of non-linear materials, heat transfer, multi-component flows, biomechanics.

William C. Messner
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Adaptive control, nonlinear control, distributed control, magnetic data storage and robotics.

Gary Onik, MD
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Biothermal technology, cryosurgery and oncology.

Metin Sitti
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Robotics Institute
Micro/nano-robotics, nanotechnology, and MEMS/NEMS.

Michael Taylor
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Low temperature applications in medicine; preservation of tissues; prevention of ischemic injury; and mechanisms of cryoinjury.

John Wiss
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Transportation and design.

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Emeritus Faculty

Adnan Akay
Lord Professor and Head Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering
Acoustics, vibrations, noise control, damping, friction and contact mechanics.

Norman A. Chigier
Emeritus Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Spray technology, atomization, combustion, particle size analysis and laser diagnostics.

Jerry H. Griffin
William J. Brown Emeritus Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Director, GUIde Consortium
Vibrations, damping, gas turbines, fatigue, dynamics and friction.

Wilfred T. Rouleau
Emeritus Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, wave propagation and turbomachinery.

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