Grievance Procedures for Graduate Students-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

MCS Graduate Student Appeal and Grievance Procedures

Please see the Summary of Graduate Student Appeal and Grievance Procedures for a summary of the processes available to Carnegie Mellon graduate students who seek review of academic and non-academic issues. Generally, graduate students are expected to seek informal resolution of all concerns within the applicable department, unit or program before invoking formal processes.

In addition, MCS has a policy on ombudspersons for graduate affairs, at the departmental level, an important resource for information in identifying options and resolving conflicts that involve a graduate student. Please contact the department's Graduate Program Coordinator if you are not sure who to speak with in a particular department.

The MCS Ombudsperson for Graduate Affairs is Dr. Rea Freeland, Associate Dean for Special Projects. She is available to consult about conflicts that cannot be resolved within your department.