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Students may apply for the Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis Program. The Senior Honors Program is an opportunity for the college's most accomplished and promising seniors to work independently, with the close guidance of a faculty member, in the design and completion of a year-long scholarly or creative project. 

The following Global Studies seniors are currently pursuing a Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis:

Lucy Pei, DC '16
Thesis Title: English as a Second Language in the Pittsburgh Public Schools
Thesis Advisor: Susan Polansky
Thesis Abstract:  The number of English language learners (ELLs) in public schools is increasing rapidly, and soon ELLs will comprise nearly one out of every four public school students in the United States. The education of ELLs is typically supplemented with English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and programs. A variety of stakeholders are involved in the education of ELLs. In my thesis, I plan to use interviews and observations to solicit the perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators on their goals and expectations of ESL, and analyze these perspectives to determine the amount of correspondence between the different stakeholders. This analysis will be conducted in the context of the national ESL landscape, and I will make suggestions based on best practices that have been published in prior research. 

Chloe Thompson, DC '16
Thesis Title: Militancy and Nationalism: A Comparative Case Study of Hezbollah and the PIRA
Thesis Advisor: Colin Clarke
Thesis Abstract: This paper compares the development of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah with the development of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) to analyze the ways in which militant movements can be nationalistic movements. Hezbollah began as a military organization designed to resist the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, which began in 1982. Today, Hezbollah is still an active militant group, but it is also a successful political party within the Lebanese government. The PIRA was another iteration in a long line groups and movements associated with the Irish Republican Army, and began as militant group responding to the failed civil rights movement for Catholics in the 1960s. Eventually, it also developed a very successful political arm, known today as Sinn Fein. However, in 2005, the PIRA disarmed. The way force and social action interact to become political power is unique in each of these groups. This paper will examine this relationship, as well as why the PIRA chose to disarm, and why Hezbollah may never do so.

The following Global Studies graduates have completed a Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis:

Name Class Year Thesis Titl Thesis Advisor
Christian Aponte 2013 When Hip-Hop and Education Converge: A Look into Hip-Hop Based Education Programs in the United States and Brazil
Judith Schachter
Elisabeth Arndt 2013 An Analysis of Socialized Medicine Advocacy Across Time: Fighting the "Long Defeat" for Universal Health Care
Caroline Acker
Meredith Ebel 2012 My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder: Palestinian Women's Suicide Bombing in the Second Intifada Laurie Eisenberg
Emily Etzel 2015 The Current Quebec Separatist Debate and its Influence on the First Nations of Quebec Karen Faulk
Sara Faradji 2013 Heart of Caution: An Analysis of Post-Conflict State Building in and Rwanda
Rick Maddox
Kate Fisch 2014 Resolving the Kashmir Conflict: The Role of the United States
Nico Slate
Natalie Giannangeli 2015 #InstaCuba: Viewing Cuban Identity through the Tourist Filter Therese Tardio
Marcy Held 2013 On the Cover of Rolling Stone: Photographs, Politics, and the Public Nico Slate
Alexandria Hernandez 2015 Fostering Transnational Connections: Creative Writing’s Capacity to Promote Identity Formation in a Globalizing World Culture Nico Slate
Rachel Kuhn 2014 Extreme Beauty: Body Image in German and American Popular Media
Gabi Eichmanns
Chloe Lula 2015 The Contextual Implementation of Health Technologies in Overdose Control and Heptatis C Prevention Caroline Acker
Kristin Minno 2012 Learning from La Vara: Shaping Sephardic Identity in New York City after the Second Diaspora Richard Maddox
Ava Murphey 2013 Elusive Visibility: Female Athletes in Sololá, Guatemala
Karen Faulk
Amanda Russell 2012 Voting for Vichy: Careers of French Legislators, 1940-1958 Katherine Lynch
Marielle Saums 2013 Local government and NGO Impacts on Rural and Urban Water System Development in India
John Soluri
Richard Stuver 2014 Three Healthy Cows- Evaluating Development Programs through a Participatory Framework: Biogas Technology and the Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation
Nico Slate
Kristine Swarts 2015 The Fight Against HIV/AIDS and Stigmatization in Morocco, 1986-2014 Karen Faulk
Jena Tegeler 2013 Aesthetic Positioning: Locating Global Feminisms in Five Japanese Artists Yoshihiro Yasuhara
Audrey Tse 2013 Queering Chinese Comrades! Through the Lens of Director Cui Zi'En
Elisabeth Kaske
Katy Wells 2012 Decision Making and Control in American Birth Karen Faulk
Ema Woodward 2013 How the European Union and its Economic Crisis have influenced Contemporary French Nationalism and Immigration Policy
Rick Maddox
Rebecca Yasner 2012 Maximizing Renewable Electricity in Israel: Energy Security, Environmental Impact, and Economic Development Laurie Eisenberg