Thesis-Global Studies - Carnegie Mellon University


Students may choose to pursue a senior thesis in Global Studies as one of their 9 unit electives.  Students should do so by arrangement with Global Studies faculty.

Students may also consider applying for the Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis Program. The Senior Honors Program is an opportunity for the college's most accomplished and promising seniors to work independently, with the close guidance of a faculty member, in the design and completion of a year-long scholarly or creative project. Students should investigate eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

The following Global Studies graduates have completed a Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis:

  • Jena Tegeler, SHS '13: Aesthetic Positioning: Locating Global Feminisms in Five Japanese Artists
    Advisor: Prof. Yoshihiro Yasuhara
  • Katy Wells, DC '12: Decision Making and Control in American Birth
    Advisor: Prof. Karen Faulk
  • Ema Woodward, DC '13: How the European Union and its Economic Crisis have influenced Contemporary French Nationalism and Immigration Policy
    Advisor: Prof. Rick Maddox

The following Global Studies seniors are currently pursuing a Dietrich College Senior Honors Thesis:

  • Juan Acosta, DC '15: Brazil's Bolsa Familia Program
    Advisor: Prof. Karen Faulk

  • Kristin Dlesk, DC '15: France's Collective Memory of World War I
    Prof. Katherine Lynch
  • Emily Etzel, DC '15: Current Quebec Separatist Debate
    Advisor: Prof. Karen Faulk

  • Natalie Giannangeli, DC '15: Film on the Fringe: Exploring Interactions with Cinema in Contemporary Cuba
    Advisor:  Prof. Therese Tardio

  • Alexandria Hernandez, DC '15:Social and Cultural Factors that Perpetuate Educational Stratification in the United States and India
    Advisor: Prof. Nico Slate

  • Chloe Lula, DC '15: Contrast of Prescription Drug Abuse and Hepatitis C Prevention
    Advisor: Prof. Caroline Acker

  • Kristine Swarts, DC '15: Youth Perception of HIV/AIDS in Morocco
    Advisor: Prof. Karen Faulk