Current Course Offerings-Global Studies - Carnegie Mellon University

Current Course Offerings: Spring 2016

The following list of courses may be counted toward the Global Studies major for the upcoming semester.  Please schedule an appointment with the academic program manager prior to course registration in order to confirm your remaining requirements and determine an appropriate schedule of courses for the upcoming semester. Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.

I. Required General Education Course

History 79-104 Global Histories

II. Global Studies Introductory and Capstone Courses

History 79-275 Introduction to Global Studies 
History 79-400 Advanced Seminar in Global Studies 

III. Language Requirement

Please see the Modern Languages section of the schedule of classes for a list of courses available this semester.

IV. Theoretical and Topical Core Courses

History 79-200 Introduction to Historical Research
History 79-314 The Politics and Culture of Memory
History 79-355 Refugees, Immigrants & Citizens: The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion
History 79-377 Food, Culture, and Power: A History of Eating

V. Transnational, Global, and Regional Courses

Transnational and Global Courses

English 76-318  Communicating in the Global Marketplace
English 76-353 Global Literary Studies: Transnational Feminisms: Fiction and Film
English 76-423 Transnational Feminisms
History 79-273 Jews and Muslims in History: From the Time of Muhammad to the Present
History 79-290 Slave Passage: From West Africa to the Americas (mini 4, 6 units)
Philosophy 80-244  Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 80-348  Health, Development, and Human Rights
Modern Languages 82-304  The Francophone World
Modern Languages 82-345 Introduction to Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies: Encounter, Middle Passage, & the Transatlantic Caribbean
Institute for Politics and Strategy 84-389 Terrorism and Insurgency


Regional Courses

The Americas
History 79-219 Modern Cuba: A Travel Guide for Millennials, 1898 to the Present (mini 4, 6 units)
History 79-222 Between Revolutions: The Development of Modern Latin America
History 79-235 Caribbean Cultures
Modern Languages 82-343 Language and Culture: Latin America
Modern Languages 82-456 Topics in Hispanic Studies: Language & Society: Discourse Analysis in Spanish

Eastern and Southern Asia and the Pacific
History 79-209 Women and Gender in East Asia, 1600s-Present
History 79-202 Flesh and Spirit: Early Modern Europe, 1400-1800
History 79-205  20th/21st Century Europe
Modern Languages 82-323  Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the 20th Century
Modern Languages 82-416 Topics in French and Francophone Studies: The Languages of French Cinema
Modern Languages 82-441  Studies in Peninsular Literature and Culture: The Secret Literatures of Spain - The Aljamiado Enigma

The Middle East
History 79-230 Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process since 1948
Modern Languages 82-300 Topics in Cross-Cultural Studies: Arab Identities & Gender Roles in Conflict Zones

VI. Electives

*Category IV and V courses listed above that are not used to fulfill those requirements may be counted as electives in addition to the courses listed below.

Thematic Courses

Business 70-365 International Trade and International Law
English 76-241  Introduction to Gender Studies
History 79-206 Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe (mini 4, 6 units)
History 79-286 Archaeology: Understanding the Ancient World (mini 3, 6 units)
History 79-287 The Mummy's Curse: Uses and Abuses of Archaeology (mini 4, 6 units)
History 79-349 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
History 79-506 Global Studies Internship
Philosophy 80-244  Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 80-335 Deliberative Democracy
Modern Languages 82-215 Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature and Culture
Modern Languages 82-283 Language Diversity & Cultural Identity
Modern Languages 82-312 Arabic Language and Culture II
Institute for Politics and Strategy 84-275  Comparative Politics
Institute for Politics and Strategy 84-321 Autocrats and Democrats

Nation-based Courses

English 76-369 Art, Conflict and Technology in Northern Ireland
History 79-255 Irish History (mini 4, 6 units)
History 79-257 Germany and the Second World War
History 79-262 Modern China
History 79-266 Russian History From Communism to Capitalism
History 79-320 Women, Politics, and Protest
History 79-351 Germany & The European Union
Modern Languages 82-238 Topics in Chinese Culture: Gender & Sexuality in China: Tradition & Transformation
Modern Languages 82-252 Topics in Korean Culture: Korean Cinema and Trans-Asian Confluences
Modern Languages 82-273  Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
Modern Languages 82-278  Japanese Film and Literature: the Art of Storytelling
Modern Languages 82-303  French Culture
Modern Languages 82-305  French in its Social Contexts
Modern Languages 82-333  Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
Modern Languages 82-342 Language and Culture: Spain
Modern Languages 82-344 Language and Culture: US Latinos
Modern Languages 82-362 Italian Language and Culture
Modern Languages 82-427 Nazi and Resistance Culture
Modern Languages 82-434 Studies in Chinese Traditions
Modern Languages 82-474 Topics in Japanese Studies: Rethinking Culture From the Marginal Voices of Japan