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Tuition Benefits for Children


Due to taxation guidelines, and with our upcoming transition to Workday, we will be unable to accept and process tuition benefit applications after December 7, 2014 until January 1, 2015.

  • If your dependent is taking courses at an outside institution that you wish to have paid and taxed in 2014, please submit your request and all supporting documentation by December 7, 2014.
  • Incomplete applications as of December 8, 2014 will be cancelled and you will need to resubmit on/after January 1, 2015. 

Carnegie Mellon University is pleased to assist faculty and staff with the expense of educating their children. CMU's tuition benefits cover current tuition charges only (past semesters, fees, housing or other costs are not covered) and cannot exceed the total tuition cost.

CMU’s tuition benefit payment is the same regardless of other awards received (i.e., scholarships, financial aid, etc.) Outside institutions will allocate CMU’s payment according to their policy, which may result in a reduction of other awards. If your child is receiving other awards, you should confirm with the outside institution how CMU’s benefit payment will be applied to the student’s account.

Tuition Benefits for Children Features: 

Children Attending CMU
Children Attending
Another Institution
Employee Eligibility Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible.

Staff/special faculty must complete five full years of service by the below dates:         

          Fall Term - October 1st

          Winter/Spring Term - February 1st

          Summer Term - July 1st

Child Eligibility

Child must be accepted into and enrolled in an undergraduate degree program before age 30.  (Note: HR is not involved in the admissions process; children of faculty and staff are not guaranteed admission into any university.)

Child must be naturally born to or legally adopted by the employee, and be properly claimed on the employee's federal income tax return as a dependent.

Children attending another institution must be enrolled full time (except for the summer term).

Number of
Children Eligible
Available to an unlimited number of eligible children. Up to two eligible children
Semesters Covered
Per Child
Up to eight semesters each (unused semesters may not be transferred to another child)
Benefit Level 100% tuition charges. Staff/Special Faculty: In 2014-15, up to $6,660 per academic year (up to $3,330 per semester, $2,220 per trimester or $1,665 per quarter)

Faculty: up to 60% of Carnegie Mellon's tuition.


Taxes must be withheld in the year in which the benefit was received [i.e., when the check is issued], regardless of when the courses are taken.

Not subject to federal, state or local taxes.

Benefit is subject to state and local taxes for faculty and staff. Not subject to federal taxes.

Taxes will be withheld from your pay by Carnegie Mellon in one installment as follows:

  • Spring term:
    withheld in the first monthly or second bi-weekly pay of February
  • Summer term:
    withheld in the first monthly or second bi-weekly pay of June
  • Fall term:
    withheld in the first monthly or second bi-weekly pay of October

Applying for Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children:

Use HR Connection's Tuition Benefits module to apply for benefits.
  1. Register for the course(s) according to the institution's registration procedures.
  2. Apply for Tuition Benefits for Children using HR Connection as early as possible.
    • If attending another institution, upload (or mail to the Benefits Office) a copy of the invoice showing tuition charges. Your application will be held until this is received.
    • A new application is required for EACH semester in which you are requesting benefits for your child.
  3. Carnegie Mellon will forward payment of the applicable grant amount to The HUB for children attending Carnegie Mellon or will mail a check directly to the institution, made payable to the other institution:
    • If you have already paid the tuition, ask for a refund in the amount of Carnegie Mellon's payment from the school your child is attending.
  4. If you or your child loses eligibility for the benefit, notify the Benefits Office immediately at 412-268-2047 or; benefits will continue only through the completion of the current semester.

Staff must complete five full years of service:

  • At least two years must be in full-time employment.
  • Part-time benefits-eligible employment years in which the employee worked at least 1,000 hours count as 1/2 service year.
  • Eligible PT years may satisfy up to three years of credit.
  • A break in eligible service will reset your service years to zero.

Staff Service Requirement

  • Children up to age 26 may be covered under your medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and dependent life insurance coverage, regardless of student status. 
  • Carnegie Mellon requires its students to carry medical insurance. Your child must complete a waiver form to avoid being charged for Student Health's insurance plan if s/he is being covered under your insurance.

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