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9 over 12 Month Pay Election Form [.pdf]


Accounts Payable Redistribution Form [.pdf] 9/13/13
Accounts Receivable Redistribution [.pdf]


Administrative Fee Divisional Cost Sharing [.pdf] 10/1/12
Administrative Fee Exception Request Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Agency Funding Sources Request Form 6/18/13
Annual Credit Card Merchant Questionnaire [.pdf] 3/31/14
Authorization for Direct Deposit (AUD) [.pdf] 10/1/12
Authorization for Direct Deposit (QAR) [.pdf] 3/20/13
Authorization for Direct Deposit (US) [.pdf] 10/1/12
Authorization for Off-Campus Use of Movable Assets [.pdf] 10/1/12
Authorization for Employee Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit [.pdf] 12/2/13
Billing Inquiry [.pdf] 10/1/12
Business & Travel Expense Policy Exception Authorization [.pdf] 10/1/12
Buyer Actions Matrix & Guide [.pdf] 4/7/14
Communication Allowance Request [.pdf] 10/1/12
Conflict of Interest/Commitment Disclosure Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Credit Memo Request Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Department Missing Receipt Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Department Receipt Transmittal Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Disposition of Movable Assets Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Donation Routing Form [.pdf] 4/24/13
eCommerce Storefront Request Form [.pdf] 3/31/14
Electronic Funds Transfer Form [.pdf] 10/4/13
Employee Gift Processing Form [.pdf] 10/1/12

Entity Request/Change Form [.pdf]

Equipment Screening Report [.pdf] 10/1/12
Equipment Transfer Request [.pdf] 10/1/12
Expense - Duplicate Submission [.pdf] 4/4/13
Expense Report - Taxable Reimbursement [.pdf] 10/1/12
F & C Gifts/Grants Administrative Fee Documentation [.pdf] 10/1/12
Feeder Cost Transfer Form [.pdf] 5/19/14
Financial Service Receipt [.xls] 5/15/13
Foreign National Information Form for Non-employees [.pdf] 6/6/14
Foreign Source Income Form [.pdf] 10/1/12

Function Request/Change Form [.pdf]

Guide to Supplier Forms [.pdf] 10/1/12
Honorarium Form (UFC) [.doc] refer to form
Honorarium Guidance (UCO) [.pdf] refer to form
Human Subject Request for Payment Form [.pdf] 5/7/13
Human Subject Supporting Documentation Payment Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
I-9 [.pdf] 3/11/13
I-9 Acceptable Documents [.pdf] 10/1/12
Independent Contractor Checklist [.pdf] 3/20/13
Independent Contractor Checklist Guidelines [.pdf] 10/1/12
Internal Award Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
International Inter-Company Form [.pdf] 1/10/13
International Mailing & Shipping Checklist [.pdf] 4/8/14
Invoice Requisition [.pdf] 11/7/12

IRS Forms

Local Services Tax - Exemption Certificate [.pdf] 10/1/12
Location Request Form [.pdf] 1/3/13
Missing Receipt Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Merchant Card Processing Request Form [.pdf] 3/31/14
Non-CMU Use of Movable Equipment/Furniture [.pdf] 10/1/12
Non-employee Expense Report [.xlsx] 2/25/14
Non-employee Gift Processing Form [.pdf] 4/8/13
Non-employee Prize/Award Form [.pdf] 4/8/13
Non-Qualified Scholarship or Fellowship - In Kind Form [.pdf] 10/31/13
Non-Qualified Scholarship or Fellowship - Request for Payment [.pdf] 7/2/13
Object Code Request/Change Form [.pdf] 2/26/13
Online Savings & Discount Access Form [.pdf] 2/1/13
Organization Request/Change Form [.pdf] 7/9/13
Payroll Distribution Adjustment Form [.pdf] - Portrait

Payroll Distribution Adjustment Form [.pdf] - Landscape

Payroll Distribution Adjustment Form [.xls] - Landscape

Payroll Roster Entry Access Request Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
PCI DSS A [.pdf] 10/1/12
PCI DSS B [.pdf] 10/1/12
PCI DSS C [.pdf] 10/1/12
Petty Cash Reimbursement Request [.pdf] 6/6/13
Prior Year W-2 Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Purchase Order Terms & Conditions [.pdf] 7/15/13
Purchasing Card - Personal Purchase Form [.pdf] 3/21/13
Purchasing Card Request Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Purchasing Checklist & Bid Summary Form/Guidelines [.pdf] 5/28/14
Qatar Assignee State Withholding Adjustment Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Qatar Campus International Travel Registration Form [.pdf] 12/5/12
Qatar Net Pay Split Currency Designation Form [.pdf] 12/17/13
Real Estate Lease Approval Sheet [.pdf] 10/1/12
Request for Recharge or Auxiliary Organization [.pdf] 12/5/12
Request for Oracle Currency 6/18/13
Request for Payment [.pdf] 10/4/13
Request for Payroll Advance Form [.pdf] 7/8/13
Request for Stale Dated Payroll Check Re-Issue Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Request to Copy Supplier Site to New Ledger [.pdf] 10/1/12
Rwanda Assignee State Withholding Adjustment Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Rwanda Net pay Split Currency Designation Form [.pdf] 11/11/13
Sale of University Property Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Shared Use Agreement [.pdf] 10/1/12
Special Service Payment Request for Current Employees (QAR or AUD) [.pdf] 3/18/13
Special Service Payment Request for Current Employees (USD) [.pdf] 7/17/13
Special Services Payment Decision Tree [.pdf] 7/17/13
Special Services Payment Guidelines [.pdf] 7/17/13
Supplier Information Package - US [.pdf] 6/4/14
Supplier Conflict of Interest and Compliance Certification Form [.pdf] 11/27/12
Supplier Information Form - International [.pdf] 12/4/13
Supplier Information Form - US [.pdf] 6/4/14
Timesheet Partial Hours Conversion [.pdf] 10/1/12
Transportation Ticket Request Form [.pdf] 10/1/12
Travel Advance Request Form [.pdf] 7/7/14
W-4 (2014) [.pdf] 1/10/14
Wire Transfer Request Form [.pdf] 2/27/14