Advising-Social and Decision Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Advising Resources

The department has a number of resources to help advise you, as well as provide pointers to other college and university services.

SDS Academic Advisors

Connie Angermeier (412-268-3251 or is the advisor for the majors in Decision Science and Policy and Management.

Emily Half (412-268-7082 or is the advisor for the major in International Relations and Politics.

Your academic advisor can answer your questions about course requirements, your current progress toward completing the major, various campus opportunities, and all other sorts of administrative questions. We encourage you to meet with your program advisor at least twice a year.

Faculty Advisors

Each of our majors also has a faculty advisor.  Faculty advisors are well placed to answer questions about research and professional opportunities associated with the major.

  • Decision Sciences - Baruch Fischhoff, (412) 268-3246
  • International Relations and Politics - Kiron Skinner, (412) 268-3238
  • Policy and Management - Paul Fischbeck, (412) 268-3240