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Academic Development is the place to go for help with your academic work. We offer peer tutoring, academic coaching in study skills, supplemental instruction and EXCEL collaborative learning groups for traditionally difficult courses. Our programs are available to all Carnegie Mellon University students and are designed to help both students who are having academic difficulties and those who just want to improve their academic performance. The peer tutoring, study skills, supplemental instruction and EXCEL components of Academic Development utilize group and individualized instruction to accommodate the diverse learning styles and skill levels of the student population.

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If you have a 3.5 or higher QPA, and if you have earned an A in certain courses, you may qualify to train to become an Academic Coach, EXCEL Group Leader, Peer Tutor or an SI Leader.
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Finals Week Walk-in Tutoring

We are offering two nights of walk-in tutoring during the final exam period. The schedule is as follows:

8:00-10:00 pm, CUC CONNAN

09105 Introduction to Modern Chemistry
09217 Organic Chemistry I
Calculus 21-111 thru 21-122
21256 Multivariate Analysis
21259 Calculus in 3D
33142 Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students
Writing 76-100 and 76-101

8:00-10:00 pm, TEPPER QUAD – SIMMONS AUD. A

21127 Concepts of Math
21128 Mathematical Concepts and Proofs
15151 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
33122 Physics II for Biological Sciences and Chemistry Students

Our Programs

Academic Coaching

Our individualized academic coaching program offers students assistance with developing more efficient and effective study strategies. To personalize the sessions, the program coordinator initially meets with students to identify their specific needs and then matches them with an Academic Coach.

EXCEL Groups

We offer EXCEL collaborative learning groups for various courses. EXCEL groups meet once weekly and are formed on an as-needed-basis, according to each students' availability, with multiple groups per course. Sessions are led by a trained leader who facilitates collaborative learning.

Peer Tutoring

Walk-in Tutoring is provided in select residence halls and libraries in the evenings and in the Academic Development suite on select afternoons. The Walk-in schedule is not an exhaustive list of the subjects we support.

Students may request a Weekly Tutoring Appointment for any course by visiting the Academic Development Office and filling out a tutoring request form. Once the appointment is scheduled by the program coordinator, students meet with a tutor once each week throughout the term.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program offers interactive review sessions for traditionally difficult courses. Attendance is voluntary and sessions are offered two times each week. SI is designed to supplement—not replace—lectures and recitations.


Fast Facts

Fast Facts are a series of study skills pamphlets on a variety of issues related to academic success. They cover such general areas as plagiarism, study strategies and stress management. Each pamphlet is available to view or download as a PDF.

First Year Fast Facts

These pamphlets provide practical advice from CMU students and faculty about many of the new challenges that First Year students face during the first few weeks of college.

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Find advice on practical, time-tested strategies that can help you in college and afterwards.