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Academic Development is the place to go for help with your academic work. We offer peer tutoring, academic coaching in study skills, supplemental instruction and EXCEL collaborative learning groups for traditionally difficult courses. Our programs are available to all Carnegie Mellon University students and are designed to help both students who are having academic difficulties and those who just want to improve their academic performance. The peer tutoring, study skills, supplemental instruction and EXCEL components of Academic Development utilize group and individualized instruction to accommodate the diverse learning styles and skill levels of the student population.

Academic Development started in the summer of 1997 and consisted of only one full time employee and one graduate student. Today, it reaches thousands of students each year, and employs more than 200 students, in addition to the five full-time employees that keep Academic Development running. In honor of Academic Development’s 20th anniversary...


Fast Facts

Fast Facts are a series of study skills pamphlets on a variety of issues related to academic success. They cover such general areas as plagiarism, study strategies and stress management. Each pamphlet is available to view or download as a PDF.

Freshmen Fast Facts

These pamphlets provide practical advice from CMU students and faculty about many of the new challenges that Freshmen face during the first few weeks of college.

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Find advice on practical, time-tested strategies that can help you in college and afterwards.