Ph.D. Programs-Department of Philosophy - Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. Programs

The Department of Philosophy offers three Ph.D. degrees.

The Ph.D. degree in Philosophy is intended for students who are interested in a continuing career in academia. In this program, students will receive graduate level training in all areas of philosophy. The department has a special focus in areas of philosophy that have immediate application outside of philosophy including philosophical research that is relevant to policy makers or other academic fields.

The Ph.D. degree in Logic, Computation, and Methodology is intended to students who are interested in pursuing careers in academia or in industry. The requirements are the same as the Philosophy Ph.D., the difference in name is merely to indicate a different focus of study. Students need not choose between the logic, computation, and methodology or philosophy degree until graduation.

The Ph.D. degree in Pure and Applied Logic is intended for students who are interested in a career in mathematics (either in industry or academia). As part of this program, students will complete a master's degree in mathematics and will receive further graduate training in mathematics.