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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MBA Programs Focus More On Entrepreneurship

Post-graduate business schools are beefing up their efforts to prepare students to start and run their own business, new research shows.

The study by the MBA Roundtable, a global association of business schools, revealed that because interest in becoming an entrepreneur is projected to grow, more management education programs are using an increasingly wide variety of approaches to teach entrepreneurialism.

Specifically, the entrepreneurship programs studied use a mix of experience-based and traditional classroom learning. More than 90 percent of the programs use at least some experiential learning, while only 9 percent are exclusively classroom-based, the study found.

Additionally, the programs analyzed emphasize soft skills — such as communication, team building and sales-pitch development/delivery — more than what is typical for most other MBA focus areas.

"Entrepreneurship education has become an engine for growth within MBA programs,” said Sarah Gardial, president of the MBA Roundtable and dean of the University of Iowa's Henry B. Tippie College of Business.

The research shows that entrepreneurship programs rely heavily on faculty and practicing entrepreneurs to mentor students in developing skills sets, such as opportunity recognition, market testing, iteration and venture launch. They also engage in cross-university, multidisciplinary partnerships, especially in disciplines in which students may one day be involved in consulting or startup businesses, such as engineering, life sciences, law and medicine...Read more»

By: Chad Brooks