PITTSBURGH —A Pittsburgher and his team are promising to revolutionize indoor fitness with a brand new way of working out.

They've spent two years developing an app called FitTrip, which lets users interact with some of the world's best-known fitness courses.

Channel 4 Action News anchor Michelle Wright got an exclusive preview of the program six weeks before it's released to the public.

Trey Marshall, a Central Catholic High School and Carnegie Mellon University graduate, is the engineer for the project with Gusto Technologies.

"I think it really will elevate your workout into an adventure, and it will remove that barrier of boredom to get to the gym," said Marshall.

So far, the FitTrip crew has taken video of 12 courses, which include the Tour de France, Chicago Marathon, Cozumel beachfront course, Ride the Rockies in Colorado and more.

Marshall said that if someone wears a heart rate monitor, the video interacts with them and speeds up or slows down as they do. He said that gives users the feeling of actually being there.

"We want to provide an immersive experience where you're engaged both in your body and in your mind, and when I say your mind, I mean relaxing and escaping to a different place," he told Wright.

While their mind escapes, the app tracks a user's calories and finish time. Users can even race their friends wherever they are just by logging on.
It wasn't easy for the Gusto crew, owned by Shane Schieffer, to capture the video. It took them two years and they had to design special rigs to smooth out the video on mountain biking trails and other courses...Read more»