Anki Drive Brings iOS Videogame Racing to Real Life for $199 (hands-on) -Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anki Drive Brings iOS Videogame Racing to Real Life for $199 (hands-on)

Six years ago, when Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci and Hanns Tappeiner were enrolled in the robotics Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon University, they noticed that a vast majority of robotics and artificial intelligence research went into government and industrial sectors, with very little of it focusing on the consumer. The primary barrier was cost, of course, but as the price of hardware kept getting lower and as smartphones became more powerful and ubiquitous, the trio figured that the time was ripe for consumer robotics. As lovers of cars and video games, the group decided that a way to do this was to focus on a way to make physical toys as adaptable and as challenging as video games.

Their solution was Anki Drive, a slot car racing game that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning so that the vehicles actually adapt and learn how to best each other on the track. It impressed Apple so much that the Cupertino company invited the team to unveil the product on the world stage at the WWDC keynote this year. They've kept pretty quiet since then, but four months later, and they're ready to reveal the final Anki Drive product to the world. Join us after the break as we give you a tour of how it works, share our brief hands-on impressions and tell you how can get your hands on one yourself...Read more»

By: Nicole Lee