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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

World Startup Report

Many successful entrepreneurs focus on developing their fledgling startups. Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Bowei Gai (E'06, '07) takes a broader view. With his "World Startup Report," he aims to develop the world of startups.

Gai set out this past New Year's Eve to travel the globe in search of startup ecosystems. He plans to document these varying cultures, hitting 36 cities in 29 countries over nine months time, facilitating cross-culture networking and spreading his own hard-won knowledge.

"Most people don't realize that there are great tech companies outside of the U.S.," explained Gai. "There are so many interesting, innovative startups out there — many of them are over $1 billion in valuation now."

"It's fascinating how the Internet opened up opportunities — you can build a startup virtually anywhere," he continued. "I want to share some of these stories with the rest of the world so we can all learn about the opportunities around the globe."

A serial entrepreneur at only 28, Gai began with Snapture, a mobile photography company. His second outing, business-card app CardMunch, was acquired in 2011 by professional networking giant LinkedIn hours before LinkedIn's IPO filing.

Through it all, Gai relied on his CMU network. In fact, CardMunch co-founders included alumni Sid Viswanathan (E'06), Sudeep Yegnashankaran (E'09), and K-9 Ventures angel investor Manu Kumar (E'95, CS'97).

Now he's "taking a break" by extending that network around the world.

"I get a lot of credit when I tell people around the world that I graduated from CMU," said Gai. "They know I am a true techie at heart and people open up to me in a way they don't often do. It really helps when you can connect to the entrepreneur at a deeper level because you learn the most amazing things...Read more»

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