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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Startup Weekend Pittsburgh Winner Tailored Fit Launches Beta

While having a new outfit just a click away is convenient, Pittsburgh-based Tailored Fit is taking the next step in making online shopping even easier, launching a private beta of its site in January.

Since winning Startup Weekend Pittsburgh in October, the eight-person team has been working on its website, which founder Nathaniel Eliason said users can think of as a Pandora-like service for clothing.

Over time, the web platform learns a user's preferences and recommends items they will like, both from brands they know, to new designers and boutiques they may be unfamiliar with.

"If you like a lot of different brands, you have to go to 15 websites and search through the items on each," Eliason said. "With Tailored Fit, it pulls from all of the major designers and retailers and pre-populates the site with items it knows you are gong to like...Read more»

By: Justine Coyne