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Opportunities for Alumni

To strengthen our entrepreneurial alumni community through our programming, we invite and encourage you to participate in any and all of our events and programs.

Alumni Spotlight:

Henry Thorne, Co-founder and CTO, 4moms

"It's just a wonderful bath of ideas around here."

Henry ThorneAs a leading roboticist with more than 33 years of experience and a national reputation, Henry Thorne (CIT ’82, GSIA ’00) wanted to use his expertise to spearhead an industry where he would directly enhance people’s lives. Through his passion for robotics, 4moms was born. Read more »

Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund

The Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund (OFEF) is a groundbreaking model for providing early-stage business financing to CMU alumni who are driving innovation. The OFEF is open to all CMU graduates from the past five years who have the desire to become entrepreneurs. Created from a generous gift by Flip video camera creator and Carnegie Mellon alumnus Jonathan Kaplan, Kaplan's wife, Marci Glazer, and Kaplan's classmate and bitly CEO, Peter Stern, the OFEF makes Carnegie Mellon a destination of choice for young entrepreneurs. The fund provides $50,000 in matching to alumni companies who are accepted.

Show & Tells

Show & Tells are hugely popular venues for providing a window into the many exciting developments on campus and for connecting students and faculty with the wider business and entrepreneurial community. This is a great way to stay connected to campus and find out about amazing university research and student business explorations.


Mentoring is a critical success factor in helping first time entrepreneurs achieve success. Having a successful entrepreneur as a volunteer mentor helps the first time entrepreneur focus on the highest priorities and avoid common mistakes. The industry connection that the mentor brings to the table can be transformational. We piloted a mentoring program with the i6 Agile Innovation System and are now deploying the program to all of our activities including Project Olympus PROBEs (PRoject-Oriented Business Explorations) and Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund (OFEF) recipients. We also plan to expand our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program by bringing successful entrepreneurs back to CMU on a part-time basis to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed. Check back for more information about how you can become a mentor.

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