Jeanne VanBriesen, P.E.-Civil and Environmental Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Jeanne VanBriesen, P.E.

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Office: 123G Porter Hall
Phone: 412-268-4603
Fax: 412-268-7813


Dr. Jeanne M. VanBriesen is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. VanBriesen holds a B.S. in Education and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University. She is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Delaware. Her research is in environmental systems, including biotransformation of recalcitrant organics, detection of biological agents in drinking water and natural water systems, and speciation-driven biogeochemistry of chelating agents and disinfection by-products. Dr. VanBriesen has served on the boards of the Association for Environmental Engineering and Science Professors and the Ohio River Basin Consortia for Research and Education. She is currently serving on the U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board. 

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M.S. 1993, Northwestern University
B.S. 1990, Northwestern University
Ph.D. 1998, Northwestern University

Areas of Interest

  • Biodegradation of recalcitrant organic compounds (specifically chelates and PCBs)
  • Modeling bacterial system thermodynamics and diversity
  • Coupling watershed behavior and drinking water system operations and security

Selected Publications

  • Jiang, M., Hendrickson, C. and VanBriesen, J.M. (2014) “Life Cycle Water Consumption and Wastewater Generation Impacts of a Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Well,” accepted and to appear  Environmental Science and Technology.
  • Wilson, J.M., Wang, Y., VanBriesen, J.M. (2014) “Sources of high total dissolved solids to drinking water supply in Southwestern Pennsylvania,” accepted and to appear.  Journal of Environmental Engineering Special Issue on Shale Gas Environmental Impacts.
  • Karcher, S.C., VanBriesen, J.M. and Nietch, C.T. (2014) “Alternative land use layer for spatially-informed watershed management decision-making using SWAT,” accepted and to appear.  Journal of Environmental Engineering.
  • Wilson, J.M. and VanBriesen, J.M. (2014) “Source Water Changes and Energy Extraction Activities in the Monongahela River, 2009-2012,” Accepted and to appear, Environmental Science and Technology
  • McCoy, S.T., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2014) “Comparing spatial and temporal diversity of bacteria in a chlorinated drinking water distribution system,” accepted and to appear Environmental Engineering Science.
  • McCoy, S.T., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2012), “Temporal Variability of Bacterial Diversity in a Chlorinated Drinking Water Distribution System,” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 138 (7): 786-795.
  • Xu, Y., Yu, Y., Gregory, K., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2012) “Comprehensive Assessment of PCB-contaminated Sediments with Depth: Bacterial Communities and Congener-Specific Analysis,” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 138(12): 1167-1178.
  • Wilson, J.M., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2012) “Oil and Gas Produced Water Management Effects on Surface Drinking Water sources in Pennsylvania,” Environmental Practice, 14(1): 1-13. 
  • Jiang, M., Griffin, W.M., Hendrickson, C.T., Jaramillo, P., VanBriesen, J.M., and Venkatesh, A. (2011) "Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Marcellus Shale Gas,” Environmental Research Letters, 6(3): 9pp.doi:10.1088/1748-9326/6/3/034014.
  • Francis, R.A., VanBriesen, J.M., and Small, M.J. (2010) “Bayesian Statistical Modeling of Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) Bromine Incorporation in the Information Collection Rule (ICR) Database,” Environmental Science and Technology, 44(4): 1232-1239.
  • Hughes, A., VanBriesen, J.M., and Small, M. (2010) “Identification of Structural Properties Associated with Polychlorinated Biphenyl Dechlorination Processes,” Environmental Science and Technology, 44(8): 2842-2848.
  • Isovitsch, S.L., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2009) “Booster Disinfection for Response to Contamination in a Drinking Water Distribution System,” ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 135(6): 502-511.
  • Helbling, D.E., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2009) “Modeling Residual Chlorine Response to a Microbial Contamination Event in Drinking Water Distribution Systems,” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering 135 (10): 918-927.
  • Francis, R.A., Small, M.J., and VanBriesen, J.M. (2009) “Multivariate Distributions of Disinfection Byproducts in Chlorinated Drinking Water,” Water Research. 43(14): 3453-3468. 
  • Krause, A., Leskovec, J., Guestrin, C., VanBriesen, J., and Faloutsos, C. (2008) “Efficient Sensor Placement Optimization for Securing Large Water Distribution Networks,’’ 134(6): 516-526.  Selected Best Research Paper ASCE JWRPM 2008.

Recent Awards

  • 2013: Selected as the Philip L. Dowd Fellowship recipient, awarded by CIT.
  • 2011: National Academy of Engineering Armstrong Endowment for Young Engineers Gilbreth Lectureship
  • 2010: Selected Presenter at NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium
  • 2009: Aldo Leopold Leadership Program Fellowship