Carnegie Mellon University

All about Carnegie Mellon University branded merchandise

Carnegie Mellon University is proud of the products bearing our various trademarks. Its import for everyone to assist in the protection of our image by only purchasing merchandise that is produced by a licensed supplier.  You can feel  confident when making a purchase at our campus' University Store that the product is licensed.  All of their suppliers have been granted a trademark licensing agreement which is the legal permission to use all of our logos; i.e., our name, seal and mascot. 

Look for the Label

The "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" label is your assurance that the merchandise you purchase from a retailer is "official" and has been approved by Carnegie Mellon.  Before you buy, look for the label.  

The label will be on a sticker, hang-tag or with the pricetag. If you can't locate a hang tag there is a very good chance the product was created by someone infringing on our good name.  Please contact the Director of Trademark Licensing to report suspected non-licensed goods.  We all need to be good stewards of the Carnegie Mellon University brand.