Carnegie Mellon University

Business Administration University Core Requirements

These requirements are for UBA students who started the program in 2020. 

The University Core offers deliberative choice in selecting courses to meet UBA’s general education that aligns with university competencies. Students select courses from particular CMU departments as well as two courses as free electives.

University Core Requirement 1: CMU First Year Writing (9 units)

Semester Long Writing Course :

  • 76-101 Interpretation and Argument
  • 76-102 Advanced First Year Writing (requires application)

OR Select 2 Mini Writing Courses:

  • 76-106 Writing about Literature, Art, and Culture
  • 76-107 Writing about Data
  • 76-108 Writing about Public Problems

University Core Requirement 2: Scientific Reasoning (9+units)

  • Any Biological Sciences course 03-100 or higher
  • Any Computer Sciences course 15-100 or higher
  • Any Physics course 33-100 or higher
  • Any Chemistry course 09-100 or higher
  • Any Psychology course 85-102 or higher

University Core Requirement 3: Informational Literacy (9+ units)

  • Any Philosophy course 80-100 or higher
  • Any Information Systems course 67-100 or higher
  • The following courses from Social and Decision Sciences: 88-120, 88-230, 88-255, 88-275

University Core Requirement 4: Global, Cultural, and Diverse Perspectives (18+ units)

  • Any History course 79-100 or higher
  • Any English course 76-200 or higher
  • Any Modern Languages course 82-100 or higher

Please note that this requirement requires at least 18 units (two or more classes) to complete.

University Core Requirement 5: Free Electives (18+ units)

Any Carnegie Mellon course outside of Business or Economics that follows the University Core policies per the Undergraduate Catalog.

Please note that this requirement requires at least 18 units (two or more classes) to complete.