Carnegie Mellon University

Current Focus Areas for the PNC Center

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The center supports research that produces explainable/interpretable ML marketing models of consumer financial behavior while maintaining a high level of prediction accuracy. These models should be able to explain their rationale, characterize their strengths and weaknesses, and convey an understanding of how they will behave in the future.

Interpretable Dynamic Programming Policies informed by Managerial Insights with Application to Sequential Marketing Decision Making by Alan Montgomery Read More

Mapping Treasury Management’s Payment Network by Christos Faloutsos and Leman Akoglu READ MORE
MPC for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning by Vipul Goyal READ MORE


The center supports research that studies conceptual or practical issues related to blockchain use for banking in areas related to Know your Customer, transaction settlement, fraud reduction, smart contracts, etc.
The center is supporting an effort to create a cryptocurrency testbed that can be used by researchers. To this end, the center is supporting creation of a CMU-focused cryptocurrency— CMU Coin. The goal is to create a cryptocurrency that is secure, legal, focused on privacy rather than anonymity, has greener alternatives to the proof of work, and ensures continued decentralization as the coin matures. The effort is engaging the CMU community both in identifying potential use-cases and in developing the underlying mechanisms and the code for the CMU coin.
Blockchains with Private Computations by Vipul Goyal Read More
Currency Stability Using Blockchain Technology by Ariel Zetlin-Jones and Bryan Routledge READ MORE


Cryptocurrencies with Two-Factor Authentication by Vipul Goyal READ MORE

Exchange Design: Evidence from Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Nicholas Christin, Bryan Routledge and Ariel Zetlin-Jones READ MORE

Data Grant Projects

Understanding the Impact of Changing Bank Network on Local Loan Business in Different Market Structure by Rebecca Lessem Read More

Impact of Financial Distress on Household Decisions by Matthew Denes and Jim Albertus Read More

Selective Projects Supported by the PNC Center

Building Credit Histories with Heterogeneously-Informed Lenders

by Ariel Zetlin-Jones  Read More

Predicting Financial Transactions in Context

by Florian Metze Read More

Do Data Breaches Matter?

by Rahul Telang Read More

Humans in Loop for Machine Learning in Financial Services and other E-Commerce companies

by Rahul Telang, Roni Rosenfeld, Sunder Kekre Read More

Recognition of Product and Service usage Patterns through the Lens of Digital Experience

by Artur Dubrawski  READ MORE

Robust Predictive Intelligence for Financial Services

by Pradeep Ravikumar READ MORE

PD Modeling of Middle Market Firms with Macroeconomic and Industry Covariates

by Lars-Alexander Kuhn READ MORE

Dynamic Customer Spendings Modeling for Business Analytics

by Leman Akoglu READ MORE

Designing Connected Products for Improved Financial Well-Being

by Daragh Byrne, Jonathan Cagan READ MORE

Detection & Characterization of Triggers of Changes of Relationship or Banking Behavior

by Artur Dubrawski  READ MORE

Decision Making Styles and Consumer Financial Well-Being

by Chris Olivola READ MORE

Leveraging Mental Accounting in the Design of Financial Services and Products

by Alex Imas, Chris Olivola, George Loewenstein READ MORE

Financial Advice Taking in Online Environments

by Laura Dabbish READ MORE

Development of a Data-Driven Open Source Password Meter

by Lorrie Crannor, Lujo Bauer, Nicholas Christin READ MORE

Password Policy Security and Usability

by Lorrie CrannorLujo BauerNicholas Christin READ MORE

Fraud Detection in Financial Data

by Christos Faloutsos READ MORE

Personalizing Reward Program Offers

by Alan Montgomery READ MORE

Merging Physical and Virtual Worlds: Leveraging the Internet of Things for Improved Customer Experiences

by Anind Dey READ MORE

Improving Financial Well-Being through Personalized Financial Product Recommendations

by Rahul Telang READ MORE