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Financial Technology (FINTECH) is changing the world in which we live. With rapid advancements in technology and consumers' increased reliance on it, the financial services industry will be transforming at an even more rapid pace. The Tepper School of Business at the Carnegie Mellon University and the PNC Bank established the PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation to stimulate research that advances financial services through technological innovations related to artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies, big data analytics and virtual/augmented reality.   

The PNC Center draws upon the thought and research leadership of Carnegie Mellon faculty and extensive business expertise of PNC stakeholders. The center supports interdisciplinary research that draws upon the expertise of leading researchers from across fields, including business/economics, computer science, design, engineering, public policy and humanities/social sciences. 

The center serves a dual role to foster the creation of knowledge through research and to disseminate this knowledge through education.The center was created through the financial support of PNC Bank in January 2013. 

Recent News

The PNC Center is sponsoring a CMU-wide undergraduate business case competition for CMU Coin from Feb 7-10, 2018. Read More

The PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation has been renewed for another 5-year term starting Nov 2017. Read More

Evelyn Zhang and Brandy Aven's PNC center sponsored research wins the prestigious 2017 Informs/Organization Science dissertation proposal competition award. Read More

Xiao Liu's disseration work that was supported by the PNC center wins multiple prestigious awards. READ MORE

Current Areas of Research Focus

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Interpretable Machine Learning Marketing Models
  • Blockchain Applications to Banking
  • Cryptocurrency Testbed: CMU Coin

Cryptocurrency Testbed: CMU Coin

The PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation will support an effort to create a cryptocurrency testbed that can be used by researchers. To this end, the center will support creation of a CMU-focused cryptocurrency— CMU Coin. The goal is to create a cryptocurrency that is secure, legal, focused on privacy rather than anonymity, has greener alternatives to the proof of work, and ensures continued decentralization as the coin matures. The effort would engage the CMU community both in identifying potential use-cases and in developing the underlying mechanisms and the code for the CMU coin. More details to follow.