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Teach a Course

Teach a Course

If you know something unique, have a special interest, or have some special skill or talent and would like to share it with your peers in an educational setting, then teach a StuCo course! Current StuCo Instructor information is available here

The deadline to apply to teach a Spring 2019 course has passed. Please check back at the beginning of the Spring semester for information on applying to teach during Fall 2019.
  • StuCo courses are taught by currently-enrolled CMU students
  • StuCo teachers are required to give final grades for undergraduate students of "P" = "Pass" or "N" = "No Credit"
  • StuCo teachers are required to give final grades for graduate students of "S" = "Satisfactory" or "N" = "No Credit"
  • Students who receive a Pass/Satisfactory final grade receive three (3) Free Elective Units
  • StuCo teachers receive three (3) Free Elective Units for teaching each StuCo course via the StuCo Practicum course number (98-000)
  • CMU students may use no more than nine (9) Free Elective Units towards degree requirements, per University policy

If you would like to propose your own StuCo course, or have any questions related to the StuCo application process, please contact the StuCo Executive Committee. For current StuCo instructor questions related to course administration and waitlists please contact Kristin Lavery in Wean Hall 4614 or call 412-268-6819.

The following two forms will only be used if your course is approved by StuCo:

The midsemester Teacher Evaluation form will be used by your students to evaluate your teaching progress. Additionally, the Final Course Evaluation form will be used as a final assessment of your teaching.

The Course Proceedings form [.pdf] will be used by the StuCo Committee to serve as an official observance of the proceedings of your course.