Carnegie Mellon University
July 05, 2022

The Fall 2022 Catalog Is Now Available to View Online!


Click here to view the Fall 2022 catalog [pdf]

We are excited to offer courses on two different campuses: CMU campus and Chatham University's Eden Hall campus; community sites around Pittsburgh; and online through Zoom for the Fall 2022 term! Registration is not yet open for the Fall 2022 term; we expect member registration to take place mid to late July.

Please note: The Fall 2022 Course Catalog will only be published on-line. 

Important information:

Under current conditions, masks will be optional for our Fall term. 

How will registration work?

When registration opens, an email notice will go to Osher at CMU members announcing that they can register for courses! 

I am not a member. Can I take Osher at CMU courses in the Fall?

Yes! Please click on the link below and submit an application for membership! We are offering a half-year membership for all incoming members for a membership fee of $50 and the registration fee of $60 (due at time of registration). This membership will be good through December 31, 2022. 

Apply for Membership!

Note: If you are a current member who has a friend who would be interested in taking courses at Osher at CMU, now is the time for them to sign up!

How can I prepare for registration?

There are two ways to prepare for registration:

  1.  Make sure you have your username/password. If you do not have those, email and we can reply with your username and steps to create a new password. 
  2. Write down a list of courses you'd like to take. Keep track of the ID's and Titles of courses you'd like to take. This will allow you to quickly search for courses.

Registration Information

Is Registration Open Now?

No, registration is NOT open for Fall 2022. We expect registration to open in mid to late July.

Registration Fees

The registration fee for members is $60.00. This fee allows you to take an unlimited number of courses. Some courses have an additional fee.

Membership Dues

Members will have the opportunity to renew their memberships for the 2023 year. Membership dues are $100. Please remember: Membership dues must be renewed before registering for Winter 2023 courses.

If I have not filled in a Vaccine Attestation Form (VAF), can I register for courses?

No, you must have filled in a VAF to register for courses. If you attest that you have been vaccinated, you will be eligable to register for all courses. If you attest that you have not been vaccinated, you will be limited to online courses. 

Click on the dropdowns below for more information!


Vaccinated Members

If the office has received a VAF attesting to your being vaccinated, you will be able to use the online registration system. To register online, go to and click "Member Sign In." You will be redirected to the Augusoft welcome page. Please sign in using your username and password. If you forgot your Augusoft username, please contact the office at If you forgot your password, go to Sign-In page and click "Forgot your password?", and follow the directions.

Watch Our How-to-Register Video

For detailed information on how to register online, click here to view our how-to register video. This video is also available any time on the Augusoft sign-in and welcome page.


Non-Vaccinated Member Registration

If the VAF form indicates an unvaccinated status, a paper registration - submitted either via email or through the mail addressed to the Osher office - is required. Paper registrations will be entered on a first come basis once registration is announced. Unvaccinated members can only be registered for courses held online on Zoom.

Please click on the link to print and return the Non Vaccinated Member Registration Form [pdf] to Osher at CMU, 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213. If you cannot print the form, you may send us your registration neatly printed on a plain piece of paper along with your payment.

Materials Fee

Materials fees are due at the time of registration unless otherwise stated. Where indicated, materials fees are non-refundable. Should you not be admitted to a course, your prepaid fee will be made into an electronic voucher (credit).

Confirmation Emails

As you are registered, a "confirmation of class registration" will be automatically emailed to you for each course you are enrolled in. Should a course not be listed, it means that you are on the waiting list for which you will receive a waitlist email. You will be notified via email if and when you are enrolled in a waitlisted class. Please do not attend any classes for which you do not have a confirmation.

Adding and Dropping Courses

To add a course(s) after registering, please either go online to do so, or email the office at If you want to drop a course, complete the form at, Quick Links, click on "Drop my Course" button. This is especially important to do early for courses with a waiting list so another member can attend. 

IMPORTANT: You must receive a course confirmation in order to attend a course. A course confirmation is not the same as a waiting list notice.

The class I want to take has a waitlist. What should I do?

We cannot stress this enough: ALWAYS go on the waitlist! If courses are popular, we ask the Study Leader if they'd be willing to add more seats or a second course offering. If we don't know the popularity of a course, we cannot take the steps to attempt to get more people in the course. 

Please Remember: We have courses scheduled for Zoom, two campuses, and many locations around Pittsburgh!

Be sure to check the locations of each course. It's awfully tough to get to different locations within the 15 minutes between many courses. We recommend scheduling yourself for just one location (Zoom or in-person) per day.