Carnegie Mellon University

Research positions

Ph.D. positions

Ph.D. positions are occasionally available to students interested in experimental and computational analysis of transport phenomena in energy systems. Please see the Research and Publications pages for examples of possible topics.

Students can enter the Ph.D. program through the direct entry (no M.S. degree) or advanced entry (previous M.S. degree) options.

Prospective Ph.D. students interested in working with us should list that they are interested in working with Prof. Litster in their application to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The availability of positions in our lab depends on applicant qualifications and the availability of funding. Applicants are highly encouraged to apply for NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (NSERC PGS for Canadian students) and similar awards. Lab funded positions are occasionally available for top candidates.

Ph.D. students in the lab are encouraged to consider obtaining a masters from the colloids, polymers, and surfaces program as part of their Ph.D. studies. See the following link for more information:

M.S. Positions

M.S. research positions are available for students in the two-year project M.S. option. This degree program prepares students for advanced positions in industry as well as possible future research in a Ph.D. program. These positions are self-supported and applicants are encouraged to find outside funding.  Students who are likely to continue to a Ph.D. should consider the direct entry Ph.D. program.

Students interested in a 2-year research project with our lab should submit an application to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and list that they are interested in working with Prof. Litster.

B.S. Positions

Undergraduate research experience can be instrumental in progressing to top-level graduate school and industry positions. Undergraduate students who are interested in our research and would like to gain hands-on experience are encouraged to contact us ( Include your CV with current QPA and a listing of relevant courses you have taken with your grades.
  • B.S. students with a QPA greater than 3.5 can apply for the CIT Honors Research Program (includes Departmental Research Honors recognition).
  • B.S. students with a QPA greater than 3.2 can apply for the Departmental Research Honors program.
See the MechE research opportunities page for more information on these programs.