Carnegie Mellon University

TPES Lab Space

 Scott_Hall_Front Our laboratory is located in room 5001 of Scott Hall.

The Laboratory for Transport Phenomena in Energy Systems is well equipped for carrying out advanced research in fuel cells, batteries, microfluidics, and electrokinetics.

Our capabilities include fuel cell and battery fabrication and testing, flow visualization, electrokinetic flow experiments, and rapid prototyping.


The work space is equipped for experimental research in the areas of thermosciences and thermal fluids.

There are areas dedicated to solution preparation and the fabrication of MEAs and custom micro-measurement structures.

 glove-box.jpg The glove box is used for battery fabrication that requires an argon environment. The glove box is also used to store catalysts that require an inert environment to minimize their degradation.
 test-stand-2.jpg Shown here is the electrochemical testing area of the lab, where we perform experiments on fuel cells. At our electrochemical testing area, we have a two-channel Bio-Logic VSP potentiostat and a Scribner fuel cell test stand, among other pieces of gas flow, temperature control, and electrical equipment.