Carnegie Mellon University

Student activities

Our undergraduate students take part in several activities during the academic year as well as during the summer. 

Classroom to Table Program

Free food + Get to know your professors better = Classroom to Table

The Classroom to Table program is a new department-run program in which 3-5 undergraduate students invite 1-2 professors to lunch or dinner together. As part of the program, the department will reimburse up to $25 per person (faculty to handle reimbursements).

CMU Math Club

a student-run organization open to everyone who loves math: math-major or not, undergraduate or graduate. Pizza is served at most meetings and we strive to provide engaging and informative content about math and related topics.  Faculty will give talks about their research at a level that students can understand, and students will often give talks about research they have been working on.  There is a Course Selection meeting each semester before registration to help students decide which courses to take.

CMU Quant Club

focuses on the study of quantitative finance, more specifically on mathematical and computational aspects of finance.  Quant Club aims to prepare students who are interested in quantitative finance for their future careers. 

CMIMC (Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition)

is an annual math and computer science competition held at Carnegie Mellon University and organized completely by CMU students. 

The Putnam Seminar and Putnam Competition

Each Fall semester hundreds of CMU students take the Putnam Seminar course (21-295) led by Prof. Po-Shen Loh, a problem solving seminar designed to prepare students to participate in the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. Students solve and present their solutions to problems posed.  CMU has placed in the top 5 or with Honorable Mention in the Putnam Competition every year since 2011, with a first-place finish in 2016.

Jennings Global Mathematics Fund

Awards from this fund allow mathematics majors to travel abroad during their summer breaks to study, conduct research, and/or participate in service work. Such an award can be used to support an undergraduate research project if you identify an opportunity to conduct research abroad.