Carnegie Mellon University

Master Degrees

Master of Science in Computational Finance (MSCF)

This professional degree is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Tepper School of Business, the Department of Statistics, and the H. John Heinz III College. Admission is obtained through the Tepper School of Business. The program, which begins in August and concludes in December of the following year, includes courses in finance, computing, stochastic calculus, mathematical modelling for finance, and probability and statistics. More detailed information about this program is available on the Master of Science in Computational Finance Webpage.

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences

The Department does not offer an M.S. only program. Doctoral students may receive an M.S. degree as a milestone. To obtain an M.S. in Mathematical Sciences a student must successfully complete at least 96 units of graduate courses in Mathematical Sciences (600 level or above), at least which 48 of which are at the 700 level or above with a B- or better average. The courses must reflect a reasonable level of breadth in Mathematical Sciences. Graduate courses in other departments that have significant mathematical content can be applied towards the M.S. degree in Mathematical Sciences, with permission. The Director of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the Department Head, must provide approval of the choice of courses used to fulfill the requirements for the M.S. degree.

Master of Science in ACO

Graduate students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences who are in the ACO Program can receive an M.S. degree in ACO by completing 96 units of course work from the 120 units of required courses for the Ph.D. in ACO.