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Why Give?

Mathematics provides the foundational knowledge that is essential for science and engineering innovation. Increasingly, math is seen as essential for future developments in computer science, data science, business analysis and operations, materials design, medicine and finance, in addition to basic sciences.

We encourage you to direct your gift to one of these priority funds:

  • Innovation Fund for Mathematical Sciences: Gifts to this endowed fund support undergraduate research and capstone projects in mathematical sciences, the Math Club and other activities that enrich the undergraduate experience for mathematics majors and faculty recruiting.
  • Steven Shreve Endowed Fund for the Mathematics of Finance: Gifts to this fund will support research and educational programs focused on the mathematics of finance, including funding for faculty recruitment and retention, graduate student and postdoctoral scholar support, undergraduate research, the Quant Club and student travel.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Endowed Fund (Math): Support undergraduate research projects in the summer. This fund currently has a dollar for dollar match for gifts given to this fund.

Giving Contacts

For more information or to have a confidential discussion about your philanthropy, please contact the Mellon College of Science Development Staff:

Nancy Felix

Associate Dean for Advancement

409B Mellon Institute

P: 412-268-6442


Lisa Georgi

Director of Development

409A Mellon Institute

P: 412-268-2019


Jisun Kim

Development Specialist

411A Mellon Institute

P: 412-268-1991