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Carnegie Mellon Magazine is published quarterly, appearing in early February, May, August and November. It reaches 72,000 educated readers internationally, including alumni; donors and friends of the university; parents of current students; government officials from Western Pennsylvania; leaders in business and higher education; and media organizations.

The magazine offers both display and classified advertising. Full-page color ads are available on the two inside covers and the back cover.

Submit questions about advertising to

Roger Rafson, President
Commercial Media Sales
1831 Murray Ave., Suite 216
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217
Phone: 412-421-2600
Fax: 412-421-6001
Email: rafson@cmu.edu

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 Features, Fall 2002

   • Off-campus Ventures
     Courses Take Students Into
     Community Service

   • East Meets West
     Tongue Tells Health Tales

   • Speak softly, carry a giant carrot
     President Jared Cohon Favors
     Persuasion over Issuing

   • Led by Larry Cartwright
     Real-World Course Leaps into
     Muck of Construction

 News, Fall 2002

   • Homeland Security Director
     Tom Ridge addresses graduates

   • Cancer research project launched

   • Melissa Martin scores
     with first film

   • Joe Manganiello Bullies

   • Blowing our own horn

   • Greenhouse grows

   • Higher education turns to wind

   • Lobster Boy William
     Kofmehl scuttles housing project

   • Faculty, students honored

   • Astronaut speaks at Homecoming

   • Doctoral programs ranked

   • Faculty retire

   • Carroll Gantz, inventor of the
     Dustbuster, is back to boats

 Mail, Fall 2002

   • First job paid $95 a month

   • About Erin Brady's percentage

   • Why isn't Nash in the '48

   • Great tribute to great man

   • Drugs, myths compound illness

   • Dean Midani's help recalled

   • About that lame response

   • Illustrator's other life

   • Zine site looks great

   • Tougher times in 1930s mills

   • Magazine all wet on concrete

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