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Carnegie Mellon Magazine reaches out to alumni, parents of students, and leaders in technology, business and government four times a year. Its aims are to engage its 81,000 readers, inform them about the institution and its alumni, and continue an ongoing relationship with them.

Submit story ideas and letters to the editor about material that has appeared in the magazine to

Bruce Gerson, Acting Editor
Carnegie Mellon Magazine
Carnegie Mellon University
Bramer House
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Phone: 412-268-1613
Fax: 412-268-6827
Email: to-editor@andrew.cmu.edu

Submit photos for Classes and books by alumni to

Edmund Delaney
Assistant Director of Internal Communications
Carnegie Mellon Magazine
Carnegie Mellon University
Bramer House
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Phone: 412-268-1609
Fax: 412-268-6827
Email: class-notes@andrew.cmu.edu

Headshots, environmental portraits and photos of alumni's artwork and other projects will be considered. Electronic photos must be high-resolution (at least 288 dpi). The magazine does not publish wedding or baby photos.

Ann Curran, who served as editor of Carnegie Mellon Magazine for 22 years, resigned effective April 30, 2003. Under her leadership, the magazine won numerous awards and served as the source of news and information for the university's alumni, faculty, staff, friends and parents of students.

 Features, Spring 2002

   • Jonathan Borofsky
     Nobody Knows His Name,
     Everybody Has His Number

   • Researchers Respond to Sept. 11
     Carnegie Mellon Faculty
     Collaborate to Counter Terrorism

   • The New Entrepreneurs

   • College of Fine Arts
     Fallen Stones Spur Restoration

 News, Spring 2002

   • University buys
     wind-generated electricity

   • New dorm boasts green design

   • See them on TV

   • "West Wing" and John Wells win

   • Supersite monitors Pittsburgh air

   • Spider-Man to the rescue

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