Carnegie Mellon University

Rita Singh

Rita Singh

Research Faculty, Language Technologies Institute
Research Faculty (by courtesy), Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 6703 Gates Hillman Complex
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


I work on core algorithmic aspects of computer voice recognition, and artificial intelligence applied to voice forensics. My focus is on the development of technology for the automated discovery, measurement, representation and learning of the information encoded in voice signal for optimal voice intelligence. Speech, a highly ordered manifestation of the human voice, is also shaped and influenced by the external environment. Understanding general audio, it's interplay with human voice and it's contextual significance, is a vital part of my research. The final goal of my work is to enable computing machines to not only recognize the content of human speech better in general, but also to understand and respond to humans by gauging their persona, their intent and their staus vis-a-vis their environment from their voice alone, with an actuity that surpasses that of the human brain. This part of my research represents an intersection of the areas of AI and Voice Forensics. I continue to work towards making voice intelligence algorithms work much better than currently possible in high-noise and other kinds of complex environments, using minimal external (human-generated) knowledge. On the periphery, I work on the general quest for more automation, powerful search strategies and more scaleable learning algorithms for voice intelligence systems.