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Ignacio Arana

Ignacio Arana

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Politics and Strategy


Ignacio Arana holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2002), a MA in Political Science from the University of Chile (2007), and a MA and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh (2015). His central line of research explores how the individual differences among presidents have an impact on relevant political phenomena, including institutional change and policy outcomes. His secondary line of research is the comparative study of institutions, with a focus on Latin America. He studies informal institutions, executive-legislative relations, judicial politics and elections.

His research has been published or is forthcoming in the Journal of Law and Courts, the Journal of legislative Studies, Latin American Politics and Society, Latin American Perspectives, The Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, Bolivian Studies Journal and Política. Before entering the PhD, he worked at the international desks of the newspapers El Mercurio (Chile, 2002-2008) and ABC (Spain, 2008). He can be reached at