Carnegie Mellon University

Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe)

Carnegie Mellon students are able to explore their studies in increasingly interdisciplinary ways through the IDeATe network. IDeATe offers eight areas of study that students can pursue to enhance their primary major. IS students are able to select one of the IDeATe concentrations as their required content area, or may complete a full IDeATe minor (all subject to IS double counting policies).

-          Animation and Special Effects
-          Innovation and Entrepreneurship
-          Game Design
-          Intelligent Environments
-          Learning Media
-          Media Design
-          Physical Computing
-          Sound Design

Students in IDeATe areas take courses that focus on cross-training in disciplines outside of their majors and work in diverse teams of experts, giving them experience working in tech-arts environments. 

IS students in the IDeATe content areas will first take a portal course, generally in the fall of their sophomore year, which will sharpen the skills they will need to work with students from other disciplines.   A portal course plus two additional courses in one of the IDeATe concentrations can be used to fulfill the IS content area requirement.  

EXCEPTIONS: Information Systems students cannot earn credit for both "15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practitioners" and "15-110 Principles of Computing".  The course "15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practitioners" will not count for a content area as the overlap with the required IS Computer Science prerequisites will be too great. 

IDeATe Advisors recommend IS students complete "15-112 Fundamentals of Programming" and one "Creating" General Education course prior to taking the IDeATe concentration courses.

Interested students should first meet with their IS Academic Advisor to determine if an IDeATe concentration is right for them. Students will then work with both their  IS Academic Advisor and the IDeATe Advisor to monitor their progress.

For more information about IDeATe and its concentrations, please visit the IDeATe website: