Carnegie Mellon University

Course Substitutions

Students may fulfill certain requirements with courses outside the curriculum listings. This provides limited flexibility when required courses are unavailable, or when new "special topics" courses are created by other departments and are relevant to the intentions of the requirement.  In all cases, proposed substitutions beyond the General Education requirements must be approved by the Information Systems Academic Advisor.

Students may make one course substitution within the curriculum's Disciplinary Core.  For example, the Organizations, Policy, and Social Science requirement may be fulfilled with a course not previously offered.

One course substitution is also permitted within one's Content Area.

All course substitution proposals for IS major requirements must be submitted to the Information Systems Academic Advisor.  The Course Substitution Form must be used, and a description of the proposed course must be attached.

All requests for General Education substitutions must be made through the Dietrich College Academic Advisory Center, located in A57 Baker Hall.  Complete and return the Dietrich College Petition form to the Academic Advisory Center.