Carnegie Mellon University

Course Overloading

Overloading is defined as taking more than the equivalent of five full-semester courses in Fall or Spring semester.  Generally, it means registering for more than 50 units in a semester.  Student College (StuCo) courses and Physical Education courses are not counted toward this limit.

Students who wish to carry a course overload (more than 50 units) must discuss their plan with the IS Academic Advisor.  They must meet the qualifications for overloading as determined by Dietrich College (DC) policy and submit a petition for approval.  Per DC policy, eligibility to overload means having a QPA of 3.00 (or higher) based on passing a normal load of 5 courses (minimum factorable 45 units) in the last completed semester and a current cumulative QPA of at least 3.00.  Eligibility does not automatically allow the student to register for an overload.  See Dietrich College Petition to Carry an Overload to review the policy and complete the form. Then, schedule an appointment to meet and review with the IS Academic Advisor.

In general, students will be limited to an overload of no more than one additional full-semester course, or its equivalent.  Under circumstances in which a normal 5-unit course load requires more than 50 units, overloads to accommodate the additional units will usually be allowed.

If approved, the first opportunity for units to be increased is after registration week for the proposed overload semester. “Registration week” for the spring semester is usually the third week in November; for the fall semester, it is usually the third week in April.