Carnegie Mellon University


Information Systems Management (MISM)
Our world-renowned MISM program blends technical and leadership skills, equipping graduates with the ability to transform organizations through technology. The MISM program is available in five pathways—our flagship 16-month and 12-month programs in Pittsburgh, our industry-leading Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) program in 16-month and 12-month formats, and our dual-city Global option with its first year in Adelaide, Australia. Our MISM program builds tech leaders who are the full package: Analytical. Creative. Ethical. As a result, our graduates go on to impact the companies that change the world.
Information Security Policy and Management (MSISPM)
Carnegie Mellon University has long been a national asset in cybersecurity. The field is growing at an unprecedented rate, and with a mix of technology and management skills, MSISPM graduates are perfectly positioned to take advantage of these dramatic shifts. Taught by Heinz College faculty as well as leading practitioners from the CERT Division of CMU's internationally renowned Software Engineering Institute, our MSISPM program brings students into contact with world-class thought leaders and hands-on experiences that simply cannot be replicated by any other cybersecurity degree program.
Information Technology (MSIT)
Our part-time MSIT program pairs the flexibility of distance learning with the same access to world-class faculty enjoyed by our on-campus students. Teaching data-driven management strategies, technological expertise, key communication methods, and an interdisciplinary curriculum featuring four high-demand focus areas, we ready graduates to tackle IT challenges and lead digital transformation in their organizations. The MSIT degree is offered in Pittsburgh, via distance education, and at the Heinz College campus in Adelaide, Australia.
Information Technology-Australia (MSIT-AU)
The MSIT-AU program is a full-time master’s degree available to students at CMU-Australia, located in Adelaide, South Australia. MSIT-AU’s curriculum is based upon the highly successful MISM program’s coursework and student experience model.
Information Systems and Management—Ph.D.
The doctoral program in Information Systems & Management at Heinz College prepares students with a deep understanding of the technical and organizational aspects of information systems. Key research areas include: Economics of Digitization; Machine Learning & Large-Scale Data Analytics; Information Security & Privacy; and Health Care & IT. Heinz College is a college without departments and their characteristic silos. Our faculty, students, and research centers thrive by working together to solve problems across subjects, disciplines, and business verticals.


Health Care Analytics and Information Technology (MSHCA)
At nearly 20% of the U.S. economy, the health care system needs innovations that will improve the quality of care and reduce costs, while simultaneously improving the patient experience. The MSHCA program trains students to harness the power of data and information technology to achieve these outcomes, transforming existing health care models and creating new models that will shape the future of the health care field.
Health Care Policy and Management (MSHCPM)
As the U.S. health care sector expands and evolves beyond hospitals, the industry needs smart, flexible business leaders who can both understand the continuum of care and appreciate how technology and big data are disrupting everything. Our MSHCPM program offers specialized competencies across public policy, public health, population health, and health care delivery. Learning the nuances of the increasingly complex health care business environment, graduates are equipped to be innovators and leaders in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.
Medical Management (MMM)
The health care business environment is rapidly changing, and physicians are needed to step into leadership and management positions more than ever before. Our MMM program provides physicians with crucial skills in quantitative management, business strategy, and technology. Each MMM cohort is made up entirely of physicians with at least five years of post-residency experience, creating an environment for expert collaboration unlike any other. Our faculty comprises award-winning thought leaders in the health care domain, as well as in information systems, policy, economics, IT, cybersecurity, operations research, and more.
Public Management (MPM)
Heinz College's MPM program imparts management skills and policy understanding to working professionals in complex and highly regulated industries, such as government, health care, education, and finance. Each MPM class is composed of seasoned professionals from Pittsburgh's major sectors. Graduates emerge from the program with an analytical skillset that empower them to make smarter decisions for the people they serve.
Public Policy and Management (MSPPM)
Our MSPPM program builds well-rounded thinkers prepared to change the world at the nexus of people, policy, and technology. To tackle society’s most complex problems, a firm understanding of policy is essential, but so are the technology and analytical foundations to create the right solutions—and the management prowess to deploy those solutions for maximum impact. MSPPM is available in five distinct pathways—our flagship Two-Year and Fast Track programs in Pittsburgh, our award-winning Data Analytics program, our Washington D.C. option for those seeking an immersion in policy analysis in our nation’s capital, and our intercontinental Global track which begins in Adelaide, Australia.
Public Policy and Management—Ph.D.
The doctoral program in Public Policy & Management at Heinz College prepares students to apply a rigorous scientific approach to social, organizational, economic, and management problems in an increasingly connected world. Key research areas include: Crime & Drug Policy; Energy & Environmental Policy; Health Policy; Management Science; and Organizational Behavior & Management. We also have several joint Ph.D. Public Policy programs with other CMU departments. Heinz College is a college without departments and their characteristic silos. Our faculty, students, and research centers thrive by working together to solve problems across subjects, disciplines, and business verticals.


Arts Management (MAM)
Arts and cultural institutions need leaders who are as passionate as the artists and audiences they support. These organizations face unique challenges in the digital age, and the MAM program prepares students to face those challenges and ensure that the arts continue to thrive. The MAM program positions graduates to be arts managers who can lead organizations at the highest level and have lasting impact on the communities they serve. Our innovative approach centers on the intersection of people, policy, and technology with an arts focus.
Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM)
The next generation of entertainment producers, creators, and leaders will use cutting edge technologies and data analytics—rather than gut feeling—to make smarter decisions. The dual-city MEIM program prepares graduates to have an impact on development, marketing, production, distribution, and strategy at all levels across a global entertainment marketplace. MEIM students spend their entire second year in Los Angeles, completing their studies while gaining access and experience working a full-time internship in the film, TV, gaming, or music industries. MEIM cohorts also attend film festivals, including Sundance, SXSW, and Cannes.