Carnegie Mellon University

For Undergrad Students

Being an undergraduate comes with a variety of projects, struggles, and standards. Our consultants are trained, certified, and friendly. We’ll help you meet expectations and tell your ideas to the world.

How can we help undergraduate students?

Well, we offer the whole CMU community (undergrad students, grad students, faculty, and staff) free workshops, and one-on-one communication consulting. This means anytime you’re trying to clearly and effectively convey your thoughts or ideas to another person (a professor, an audience, a potential employer, etc.), the GCC can help.

What do we typically work on with undergrad students?

Brainstorming & feedback, class essays & papers, team Projects, Cover Letters & Resumes, PowerPoint Presentations, Data visuals, Research Posters, Grant Proposals, Lab Reports, Oral Presentations, Senior Theses, And Much More.

Not sure if we can help? Just ask!