Carnegie Mellon University

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Writing a Related Work Section

Tuesday, November 13, 5-6pm, Hunt Library, IDeATe Studio A with Emily Ferris

A related work section, or literature review, synthesizes relevant past literature to connect your work to the broader field. It also builds your credibility by showing your familiarity with major developments and trends in the field. However, it is easy for the literature review to become a “data dump” that overwhelms your reader with extraneous or irrelevant information. This workshop will give you strategies and language to connect research into trends and put studies in conversation with each other. We will look at strong and weak examples and focus on the language they use. This workshop is appropriate for students in the sciences and humanities, writing literature reviews in journal articles, research papers, dissertations/theses, and more. Pizza provided. Register here.

Concision and Clarity

Tuesday, November 27, 5-6pm, Hunt Library, IDeATe Studio A with Juliann Reineke
Have you ever been told that your writing is too wordy or is “choppy”?  Concision and clarity are core principles of effective communication. Writing that clearly and directly emphasizes the bottom line helps readers easily and efficiently understand your main point. This workshop teaches you simple – but effective – principles for being more concise and improving the logical flow between sentences and paragraphs. These strategies will help an audience follow the progression of your ideas and arguments, in both the sciences and humanities. Pizza provided. Register here.