Carnegie Mellon University

For Faculty

We provide the following services to faculty

  • Conduct writing or communication workshops in your class, including workshop on team communication
  • Prepare tailored, online content (videos, Canvas modules) for your class or assignment
  • Facilitate student peer review sessions
  • Assist with integrating communication instruction into your class, including providing advice on assignment design
  • Offer other advice, services, and feedback as needed

Our Director, Joanna Wolfe, is known internationally for her research and teaching materials on STEM communication and teamwork. Instructors who have worked with the GCC have seen improvements as much as 1.5 letter grades in their students' writing and presentations compared to students in previous semester.

Please email us at to meet with our Director or Associate Director about any of these services.

Making Appointments as a Faculty Member

Faculty can make same-day appointments with the GCC. These same day appointments can be made at 8:00am the day of the appointment. Appointments can be made through Acuity, our online scheduler. Please visit our Appointment page for more information about how to make an appointment, upload assignment(s), or cancel an appointment. As always, please email the Global Communication Center if you have any questions regarding our policy of faculty using the GCC.

Suggested Language for Referencing the GCC on Your Syllabus

For assistance in writing papers and reports, designing PowerPoint slides, creating scientific posters, or opportunities to rehearse your oral presentation, visit the Global Communication Center (GCC).  GCC tutors can provide instruction on communicating in professional and academic contexts and can give you feedback on your drafts.  You can make appointments directly on their website:  This service is available to both native and non-native English speakers.

Our Philosophy on Grammar

Faculty often refer students to the GCC to focus on grammar and correctness.  However, our philosophy is that students will be better served if we focus on making sure their ideas, arguments, and research contributions are clearly explained.  Sometimes this involves grammatical issues, but often it is a matter of understanding the conventions and principles of academic writing. We believe that focusing on such learnable principles will make a greater impact on students' writing than focusing on correctness. The English language is extremely complex, and many rules can only be acquired through repeated practice and years of immersion in the culture – not a 50-minute session! Thus, editing for minor grammar errors, which do not interfere with reader comprehension, is not as fundamental as revising the logic and clarity of the text.

The GCC can be a resource for helping students gain grammatical knowledge. We advise students to make several sessions so they can first resolve any underlying issues, then address sentence level issues. Please do not assume that your students will come away from a single GCC session with a perfect or grammatically flawless paper!