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If this is your first time with us: welcome!

We offer three different tutoring services:

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We recommend that you read through our short "Policies & FAQ" and "Instructions for Scheduling & Uploading" sections before scheduling your appointment.

How far in advance do I need to upload my draft?
You should upload any drafts, PowerPoints, rubrics, PDFs, etc., 2 hours before your scheduled appointment. This is so your tutor has enough time to prep for your session. If you miss the upload deadline, your tutor will most likely need 10-15 minutes during your appointment to review your project.

Can a GCC tutor review a piece of writing that is not my own?
While we understand that your friends or colleagues may be unable to come to the GCC on their own, we will not review a piece of writing if it is not written by the student who made the appointment.

Can my tutor simply edit my paper?
GCC sessions are interactive and our focus is learning-based. This means we cannot just proofread and edit papers -- but we will go through your paper with you to improve it and teach you communication skills that you can use in the future (this also means you can only recieve tutoring for your own work).

Who can use the GCC's services?
Any undergrad student, grad student, alumni, visiting scholar, faculty, or staff of Carnegie Mellon University can use the GCC's one-on-one consulting appointments, and workshops. 
Alumni, visiting scholars, faculty, and staff all are welcome to use the GCC services but have to make same-day appointments.

How long will my appointment take?
Appointments are 50 minutes, followed by a 5 minute recap.

How many appointments can I schedule?
The limit is one appointment per day, two appointments per week, and 15 appointments per semester. This is so we can help as many students as possible!

Can I come late? What if I can't make my appointment?
No, students cannot come late to an appointment. It is important to us that we serve as many students as possible. When students show up late to an appointment, it is misusing the tutor's time and resources as well as taking that appointment away from other students. If you know you will be late when scheduling an appointment with the GCC, please schedule during a time period where you are available for 50 minutes. We have a strict "No-Show" policy, so it's best to either call, email, or cancel your appointment through our scheduler. Since our appointments are high in demand, we only allow you to miss two appointments without notifying us. Failure to notify us twice will suspend your account.

1. Visit our scheduling page.

2. Select either "In-Person Session," "Video Feedback," or "Virtual Session." For an explanation of these different services, check our descriptions near the top of this page. 

3. Pick the appointment type that most closely fits your needs. For example, "Humanities and Thesis-Driven Essays" would be best for an argument analysis paper like the ones in 76-101: Interpretation and Argument.

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4. Choose your appointment time. You can also click on a specific tutor to see their availability. 

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5. Answer a few questions about you and your project. Be specific with your goals. Your tutor plans your session according to your goals. 

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6. Upload your assignment. If you have your most recent draft, please click the link to upload it. We would like to see an assignment prompt or model essay if you have one too! If you're not ready to upload your project yet, skip to step 7. If your file is too large (typical with PowerPoints) or you can't seem to get it to upload, please email it to

7. Hit "Complete Appointment." You're booked! If you haven't already uploaded your draft (make sure it's uploaded 2 hours before your appointment), you can either register for an Acuity Scheduling account or open your confirmation email from the GCC and click "Modify, Reschedule, or Cancel an Appointment."

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We strongly recommend you register for an account in order to access the full range of our scheduler's services. You can either hit the "Register" button on the confirmation screen after you sign up for a session, or you can visit Acuity's website

You can always sign up for our waitlist! Although a spot on our waitlist does not guarantee an appointment, it is the best way to stay up-to-date on any appointment cancellations or reschedulings. Additionally, you can frequently check our scheduler, as slots booked one day may become available the next.