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We recommend that you read through our short "Policies & FAQ" section, and the "How to Schedule & Upload" before scheduling your appointment.

Instructions for making an appointment


Hunt Library 
1st Floor 
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Sunday 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Monday - Thursday 11:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: Closed
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Policies & FAQ

  • How far in advance do I need to upload my draft?

    You should upload any drafts, PowerPoints, rubrics, PDFs, etc., 2 hours before your scheduled appointment. This is so your tutor has enough time to prep for your session. If you miss the upload deadline, your tutor will most likely need 10-15 minutes during your appointment to review your project.

  • Can my tutor simply edit my paper?

    GCC sessions are interactive and our focus is learning-based. This means we can not just proofread and edit papers -- but we will go through your paper with you to improve it and teach you communication skills that you can use in the future (this also means you can only recieve tutoring for your own work).

  • I'm a CMU faculty, staff or sponsored/visiting professional. Can I use the GCC's services?

    Absolutely! However, faculty and staff are only permitted to schedule same-day appointments, meaning you may only schedule your appointment after 8:00am on the day you intend to visit us. This is so we can give students first priority.

  • How long will my appointment take?

    Appointments are 50 minutes, followed by a 5 minute recap.

  • What if I can't make it to my appointment?

    We have a strict "No-Show" policy, so it's best to either call, email, or cancel your appointment through WC Online. Since our appointments are high in demand, we only allow you to miss 2 appointments without notifying us. Failure to notify us twice will suspend your account. 

  • How many appointments can I schedule?

    The limit is 1 appointment per day, and two appointments per week. This is so we can help as many students as possible!

  • All of your appointments are booked! What do I do?
    Don't worry! You can use our waitlist function and be notified if there's a cancelation. Simply click the clock icon next to the date on which you'd like an appointment, and select "Join the waiting list." You'll even have the option to specify your availability and a consultant with whom you'd like to work.

More questions? Click here to visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Instructions for Scheduling & Uploading

1. Create an account on WC Online with your primary email account, and follow the prompts to fill in your information.

2. You will be taken to the GCC schedule. Any white space is an available appointment. Click any white space to select your appointment day and time (faculty, staff and sponsored accounts may only make same-day appointments -- see FAQ above for more information).

3. You will be prompted to answer a few questions about you and your project. Be specific with your goals. Your tutor plans your session according to your goals. 

Vague_Communication_Goal Revised_Communication_Goal 
"Improve Writing" "I would like to focus on making sure my argument is logically constructed, specifically in the body paragraphs. I'm not sure if my textual evidence provides convincing support for my main argument." 

4. After the answering the questions, the next page will prompt you to upload your assignment. If you have your most recent draft, please click the link to upload it. We prefer an assignment prompt or model essay if you have one too! If you're not ready to upload your project yet, simply close this window and skip to step 5. If your file is too large (typical with PowerPoints) or you can't seem to get it to upload, please email it to the GCC.

Successfully made an appointment, click here to attach files

5. When you are ready to upload your draft (make sure it's uploaded 2 hours before your appointment!), you can always go back to WC Online and click the yellow folder icon at the top below your name, and upload your file.

Yellow File Folder in the top left hand corner of your screen on WCOnline

Waitlist an appointment

 Waitlist Icon of a Clock for adding one's self to the Waitlist on WCOnline
If the appointment time you want is booked, you may add yourself to the waitlist by clicking on the clock icon next to the date. You can then elect to be notified if there are any cancellations.