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If you can’t make it to an in-person session, video feedback can still give you the tools you need to improve your communication project. Simply make an appointment, upload your document, and one of our consultants will send you a screen capture video 48 hours after your session’s scheduled start time.

Video feedback might be for you if:

    • You live far away from our Pittsburgh campus (for example, if you attend one of CMU’s satellite campuses)

    • You can’t make our regular business hours

    • You want quick, easy to understand feedback on a project due several days from now

    • You are someone who benefits from pausing and replaying sections of the video to double-check comprehension

    • You are out of the brainstorming stage and already have a draft

To make a video feedback appointment, visit our scheduler. Under "Schedule Appointment," select "Video Feedback" from the available choices.  

Shows how to schedule a video feedback appointment

If you have ever made an in-person appointment with us, the process is similar here: select the description that best captures your project (application, advanced research, etc.), choose an appointment time, and input your information. 

Shows different schedule times

When you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to provide:

• a copy of your most current draft
• a copy of the assignment prompt (or instructions) for the project that you are working on
• (optional) a model essay from your instructor or the target journal 

If you do not upload your draft before your appointment start time, the appointment will be marked as a "no-show."

When scheduling your video feedback appointment, be as specific as possible about your goals. What do you want your tutor to know to make your session most productive? See our Video Feedback Instructions Handout for more detail.

After you hit "Complete Appointment," you’re all booked! You can always modify, reschedule, or cancel your appointment by opening your GCC confirmation email or by registering for an account on our scheduling page.

Within 48 hours of the appointment time you select, you will receive an email with a link to a feedback video. This video will be posted on the GCC YouTube channel (it is "unlisted," i.e., unsearchable with a direct link). The video will contain suggestions for improvement, questions that will help you think through your project more deeply, mini-lessons on communication topics, and links to relevant resources. Remember that a consultant will email you a personalized video within 48 hours of your appointment start time, not 48 hours after you book the appointment.