Carnegie Mellon University

The GCC offers eTutoring, where you receive a screen capture video of your tutor's feedback within 48 hours of your appointment time.

You can make an eTutoring appointment the same way you make a face-to-face appointment. To use eTutoring, go to our Scheduler and select one of the eTutoring appointments. The eTutoring appointments look like this:


When you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to provide:

• a copy of your most current draft*
• a copy of the assignment prompt (or instructions) for the project that you are working on
• (optional) a model essay from your instructor or the target journal 

When scheduling your eTutoring appointment, be as specific as possible with your “communication goals." What do you want your tutor to know to make your session most productive? See our eTutoring Instructions Handout for more detail.

Within 48 hours of the appointment time you select, you will receive an email with a link to a feedback video. This video will be posted on the GCC YouTube channel (it is "unlisted," i.e., unsearchable with a direct link). The video will contain suggestions for improvement, questions that will help you think through your project more deeply, mini-lessons on communication topics, and links to relevant resources.

 *Not uploading your documents by the scheduled appointment time will result in a "no show".

  • Clients who cannot attend appointments during the GCC's normal hours may benefit from the flexibility of eTutoring, since you can watch your feedback video at your convenience.
  • eTutoring is ideal for those who cannot make it to Hunt Library: for instance, students from CMU's satellite campuses.
  • Non-native English speaking students who have occasional trouble understanding spoken English may particularly benefit from the video format since they can replay sections of the video to double-check their comprehension.
  • eTutoring is appropriate for you if you already have a draft of your project and if you have specific questions or concerns about your draft.
  • You must be able to wait 48 hours for a tutor's response to your project.
  • Must have a good Internet connection that will allow you to stream a YouTube video.
  • eTutoring is not ideal for planning and brainstorming sessions since you cannot ask questions or respond to questions your tutor may have.