Carnegie Mellon University

Non-Compliance Notifications

Examples of transactions that will warrant a non-compliance notification include, but are not limited to:

Personal/Non-University Business Related

The Purchasing Card (PCard) assists buyers in obtaining business-related items conveniently and cost-effectively. Personal items are not allowable on the Purchasing Card at any time. To report a personal purchase with the PCard, complete the Accounts Payable Deposit Form [.pdf]. The PCard may be subject to immediate suspension or cancellation.

Personal Gain/Conflict of Interest

No university employee may use their university position to obtain financial gain or anything of substantial value for the private benefit of him/herself or his/her immediate family. Rebates, free merchandise or future benefits based on purchases made with university funds must be used solely by the university and not an individual.

Serial Purchasing

Serial Purchasing is intentionally breaking an order to an external vendor into two or more purchases/payments to avoid individual spending limits or the required bid process.

Travel Expenditures on a Purchasing Card

Travel and travel-related expenses are prohibited on the PCard and should go through the employee reimbursement or travel advance process. A cardholder must submit a Purchasing Card Exception Request form through the Online Forms System in advance of travel to obtain a documented exception to this policy.

Refer to the University Card Program Guidelines in the Procurement Manual [.pdf] for a full list of prohibited/restricted PCard transactions.