Carnegie Mellon University

Internal Audit

We help clients identify control weaknesses and inefficiencies by assessing systems, policies, and processes and recommending corrective action to assure that university financial and operational controls are in place and work properly.

Internal Audit (IA) works with academic and administrative units to help the university accomplish its goals, improve operations, and assess risk management, internal controls, and governance processes by:

  • Developing an Annual Audit Plan, which encompasses all work that IA intends to do during the year.
  • Planning and performing internal audits that focus on financial, operational, and compliance activities.
  • Providing consulting and advisory services to the university community as needed.
  • Conducting special reviews and investigations.

IA’s authority to conduct audits is at the direction of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, to whom we report. IA engages in various types of audits (see Internal Audit Types), but these are generally categorized as assurance services, advisory services, and special investigations.